The world in which your parents came of age is gone.

Their worldviews are products of an existence that is no longer plausible.

A lifetime of summers leaves one utterly bewildered by winter.

And the future belongs to those equipped for the cold.

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@Bunnyslope Yeah. I remember the original 2525 sing as a kid and it always made me feel uncomfortable. Reading the actual lyrics in order to write the last EoS tune, I was a little shocked as to how on the money they were

"Everything you think, do, and say
Is in the pills you took today"

I saw the pic and text and it summed up exactly how I have been feeling. We had a public service in Aus. They served teh public. Suddenly, this all changed...

Suddenly, not suddenly, its been going on a while

@ChrisWilson I was born in January of 1950. I've lived through so much in this time and I've never been so angry, disappointed, baffled and just plain sad.

Thankfully prayer helps, the porch and the creek too.

@creeksidewilly @ChrisWilson

I was born in 1973 and I'd say exactly the same thing. The back deck is the place to be in 74 degree weather with a tree frog singing his song somewhere.

@creeksidewilly @insurgentem

When you think back to the late 90s. We had so much hope. So much to live for, in one of the most relatively "peaceful" periods in history...unless you lived in Yugoslavia.

2001 everything went down hill, but things picked back up. 2008 was another blow, but again, we managed to pick ourselves up, but something wasn't right. The crash of 2008 seemed so obvious to me, and that's when I started asking questions.

@ChrisWilson sir Chris went dark he is probably going to start fighting crime and killing the crims

Not in shithole urban areas like NYC.
But in other places, the world is still normal.

@ThatLARRYSHOW a little bit normal, but something smells funny. It’s roll out rubber stamp global brands in malls, while every house is built up tight on one another, without the room in the back yard to play cricket with your friends. And the Douchebag neighbours, with their dog that yaps incessantly all day while their out, and plays cafe house until 1:00am call the cops for a noise complaint when you’re having a 5 year old’s birthday party.

Yes, there are pockets, but their shrinking

@ChrisWilson ITM Sir Chris.
There is an Italian meme/say that goes like : things were better when things were worse. Born in 65.
Cities are becoming more dysfunctional, for sure.

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