What would happen if, 74 million Trump voters went after the businesses that advertise with Twitter, Facebag, or use AWS ??

I think we are going to see a split in the economy


@Supes Vote with your wallet.

It's not too difficult to see who is spending money on these sites, in as far as advertising goes.

Maybe a nice printed letter to the CEO and CFO. Lets start gumming up their mail rooms.

If they don't fix it, my favourite is then sending the CEO, CFO and national sales managers receipts from other providers, with a reminder as to how much in a lump they will lose over the next 5 years. Then I go after their clients to move them away, let them know of that too.

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@ChrisWilson @Supes I terminated my AWS server a couple days ago. Was a small server so they weren't making much but every little bit counts.

@bender @ChrisWilson good work mate, you are right, every little bit helps. Sooner or later these creeps will get the message and all the SJW rubbish will come back to bite them!

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