@adam @Johncdvorak you guys are on the right track with regards to Pope Francis! He's a Jesuit, and there is a HUGE Marxist tilt in that order. But it's worse. The inside of the Church has been rotted out since the 1840s. The Church has been infiltrated by "Secularist Humanists" (Freemasons), and Pope Francis is their guy. youtu.be/nNK8ZGiRGbk
Also: St. Peter's Basilica's dome took a lightning bolt hit when Pope Benedict resigned!


@neanderthalsnavel I was talking to a family priest friend of the family that was posted over to the Vatican for a number of years said to me, an not mincing any words said to me “Satan walks the corridors of the Vatican”. It’s not all bad, but there are a lot of people there for the power and influence over others, and there is a duplicitous attitude combined with a preference of the church wanting to manage its own problems.

Not healthy

@adam @Johncdvorak

@ChrisWilson @neanderthalsnavel @adam @Johncdvorak i think the church has too many effeminate leaders who want to be sheep instead of shepherds.

@chaibudesh there is some changes that are needed. I’m a heathen and heretic so they won’t listen to me

@neanderthalsnavel @adam @Johncdvorak

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