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The ride never ends. God forbid anyone ever get exposed to different perspectives.

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As I have said before, if it’s an open source software project, and you don’t like what’s going on, feel free to go fork yourself

@ChrisWilson removing others from the chat out of respect because you are raising a thread from three grave.
Man ofc I can fork. Doesn't make the decision to hardcode a block less retarded.

@sheetposter any hard core blocking is pointless save to stop “abuse” (spam, ddos, shit like that)

Personally I get a little despondent when people, who claim to be all “inclusive” and “transparent” just block, and when you ask why / what ?? You get the same.

The fediverse is a Petrie dish of human interaction. Given the poison social media is to humanity, it’s like watching Ted Kaczinsky’s predictions in real time.

BTW, are you an across the Tasman cousin ??

>Personally I get a little despondent when people, who claim to be all “inclusive” and “transparent” just block, and when you ask why / what ?? You get the same.

It's a political stance many years in the making. I remember being a lefty supporting for more freedom of speech and tolerance back when religious freaks were worried about D&D and metal.

I've also watched opportunistic scum that wormed their way to influencing positions once a left-wing politics took over and started reframing "tolerance" to mean "good application of censorship". And by now a bunch of people buy it without understanding what a failed approach it is.

It either fails to take hold because it is rejected, or it takes hold and it fails to create a better society because once you get started with the censorship the only direction is adding more censorship.

> BTW, are you an across the Tasman cousin ??

I have no idea what you mean. I guess that's a no.


It meant Are you a kiwi ? New Zealander ? I’m in Australia. NZ is across the Tasman sea.

Anyway, NAS is an instance for the Community that’s around the No Agenda Podcast. While @Johncdvorak is on twitter for the most, @adam Curry is active here. It’s a pretty open instance and no one here is precious. A good bunch of people.

Our podcast pulls apart what the media is reporting and what’s going on in the social narrative. Analysis of the propaganda machine:-)

@ChrisWilson @Johncdvorak @adam oh, KiwiFarms is hardly related with the area. I'm not even on the site myself.

I actually came into this by following @Dickmasterson - from there I was familiarized with Nick Rekieta, a man who literally reads anime court documents on stream while insisting that he's not an alcoholic - and in a stream between Nick and null from KiwiFarms I learned about the fediverse.

I think that's how it went. Where can I listen to your podcast?

Http://noagendashow.com is the launch point. Links to show notes, there plus community run indexed players, searchable transcripts, IRC channel, groups on most social media platforms....and such.

New show streams live tonight 2:00am my time, or Noon east coast US time on listen.noagendastream.com/noag

Podcast is usually downloadable within the hour.

Warning. It’s 3 hours long :-)
Been going 11 years
100% listener supported

@Dickmasterson @adam @Johncdvorak

@ChrisWilson @adam @Johncdvorak I'm halfway through EP 1163. It's pretty good you got yourself a new listener.

@sheetposter glad you like it.

First time for me, I was blown away by the content, but a little confused by the format. There are a lot of memes, and running gags, some of which have been going on for years. If you’ve got any questions hit me up.

That said, the format of the deconstruction is second to none. They say stuff no one else will, and without the sensationalism of other shows. Moreover the active involvement from listeners / producers keeps it real

@Johncdvorak @adam

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