I just wrote this is response to yet another person harping on Trump's lies:

"It's been two years. Dishonesty is not Trump's Achilles's heel. At all. Neither is constant lying, bullshitting, or talking out his ass. Nobody but scolds and nerds and dweebs and snitches seem to care at all, making them look like wimps instead of heroes or crime-fighters. The lying thing only appeals to integrity geeks. Remember high school? How many people respected the hall monitors at all? So lame!"

@chris There was that clip of the woman on Bill Mahr's show saying something about there will be a crisis and people won't believe what the government tells them because of the lying.

Bitch, never in my adult life have I believed what the government tells me!


@chris @Johnny_of_the_swamp @HiroProtagonist @aighead

Can’t trust government

Can’t trust media

Can’t trust corporations

Who can you trust ????

I am so so so so glad I have this community. You can trust critical thinking.

@chris I trust critical thinking. Most people in this community apply critical thinking. I can work with that.

Except @yukiame, he is plotting my doom

@DaDenMan @Johnny_of_the_swamp @HiroProtagonist @aighead

@ChrisWilson @chris @Johnny_of_the_swamp @HiroProtagonist @aighead Only trust family and friends who have a history of acting in your interest. And then it’s good not to lean heavily on that trust.

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