it's becoming epidemically idiotic, on mastodon, u c people using the CW NSFW fuck.

nsfw, began 15 years ago, to prevent porn-like stuff ya friend u follow from suddenly popping up on ur screen when ur boss might be behind. Now, it seems anything sensitive, e.g. political opinion, even just plain text, r deemed to warrant, nay, require, a NSFW screen. The milen gen r truly supreme idiots of our times.


@xahlee when I was over on a dimensh B instance, before I got booted, I saw someone debating whether they needed to put an NSFW on food....specifically Mac and Cheese !!!!

I was booted because I was a “class reductionist” when I asked a white euro-dude “if you see a person walking towards you of a different ethnic origin, do you see an oppressed minority ? Of do you simply see Dave (assuming that’s his name......and preferred pronoun)

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