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@liberdon Those hosting costs gonna be pretty high with that pile of Ruby shit :)
@Liberty4Masses What? Mastodon is fucking shit m8
It's a shitty stack, shitty code, and it requires additional software to operate.
Just compare to Pleroma and realize your mistake.

@dtluna how do you know someone's a Pleroma user? they comment on every post about Mastodon to tell you how great Pleroma is.

@dtluna @Liberty4Masses

We're on Mastadon, just another tool in the social media anarchy that is the fediverse

Not the best, just a tool

@Liberty4Masses @ChrisWilson
It cannot. It runs even on a cheap server with amazing performance.

@dtluna @Liberty4Masses

We're just a legacy implementation when @adam discovered this around 12 months ago.

It was great, we hooked all up with so many other listeners / producers of our show.

We started to interact with some then all of a sudden "someone was offended" (gasp)

And that's how we ended up on

Still shitposters hasn't blocked us :-)

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