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This is dark, but not unsurprising. Human nature is a wonderful and complex phenomenon

@aighead @ChrisWilson @adam it's most likely child-abuse. If she truly wrote her own material it might not be child-abuse. Kind of like realAOC. Nice fractal.

Watch "Six Million Dollar Man (Steve Vs. Bigfoot, Round 2, Short Version)" on YouTube

We need funds to cover server costs and more... If you support #Liberdon, your patronage is greatly appreciated. There are crypto options too, of course!

@yukiame @ChrisWilson @Klaatu @coldacid Lady Beard!! He is hilarious. Aussie expat started his wrestling career in Hong Kong and then moved to Japan and became an idol.

A $1B loss over a decade...
First, the NYT is using "someone who had legal access to it." But perhaps not legal access to disclose.
Second, the time period 1985 to 1994 includes 1987 - a huge drop in markets.
No mention of his gains since that period.

Via ITG Dude named Ben on Telegram

Forward to everyone...


May 27, 2019
12:00 Noon
Los Angeles time

3:00 PM
New York time
...on Jitsi

URL forward slash /noagenda

Contact the No Agenda Telegram Group Admin to RSVP.

- Meet and greet
- Jitsi introduction
- Telegram
- Open discussions

So you know when your social media addiction has surpassed your porn addiction......when a notification pops up and you stop your wank to check twitter

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