Headline: A huge mouth and no anus – this could be our earliest known ancestor

But nowhere in the article does it say whether or not it has an opinion !!!


@verita84 @Zennblack @mrman |

No I do not.

15 minutes of riding in a mining car with a jury of gummy worms.

@Cbrooklyn112 100% - when I decided to quit fb a few years ago, I actually made a post advising i was leaving and indicated to let me know if anyone wanted my contact info to remain in touch. I got one response - ‘i’ll miss the pictures of your dogs’.

Remember the Barney Miller Show?

Trilateral Commission; Rockefeller; Global Governance conspiracy explained in 1:38min

They don’t make 70’s shows like this anymore

So I go looking for autotune cats....don’t ask....and I get the following “targeted advertisement”.....

I guess I deserve everything I get using plebware apps on a spy device and calling my mate at the rehearsal studio a faggot

I'm growing the winter beard back, @ChrisWilson, and we are officially at the super itchy stage.

@kinpopdj Cetaphil? Isn't that hemorrhoid cream or something?

@GettingCooked try getting some cetaphil moisturizing cream, or a similar high quality product, and apply a small amount to your face and neck immediately after showering, before even touching your towel, while you are still dripping wet with water. I keep a jar of this on the edge of my tub specifically for this purpose. Don’t just use any cheap ‘lotion’.
Also, a gentle brushing with a beard brush can help.
I’ve been growing my beard out for 2 1/2 years and this has helped me out a lot.

@ChrisWilson for 20 years I’ve been a lone libertarian extolling freedom. Now I’m making new friends through no agenda, and helping old friends who are just now seeing the light come to terms with their new perspective. I’m losing friends, too, but I’ll wait for them to come back. My favorite thing is seeing my little sons, 5 and 8, stand up for themselves, and especially my 8 year old confronting the covid people with courage and questions in an effort to wake them up.

@ChrisWilson Doing great mate.
Spent the last few days helping old mate Ricky build his new games room, it's a big bastard, 20 m x 8 m so all hands on deck for the frame.
Dave was in from the west, FIFO.
Steve was down from Darwin, Greg was in from his Brisbane run and Mark had just finished his normal Melbourne - Sydney triangle.

The band was back together again.

None affected or impeded by Covid, border passes, protests, no jabs were or will be had.

Frame's up, it was like a party

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