Trimmed the beard. That’s Lance Aligiannis whom I just got off stage with at this afternoons gig. Benefit and wake for a friend who sadly left this mortal coil all too early. I’ll be back on with my band Real Red Rhythm in an hour and a bit. headline is Ash Grunwald on after us.

and this doesn’t post <br> crlf things.

...but it’s open sauce

I am somewhat comforted by the fact that many normal people I interact with during the course of my day, once they discover I’m open minded, are happy to admit that they think the world is ruled by a bunch of lizard pedophiles

I am back

Something in the last update on mastodon must have fixed the issue which crashed my mobile client

Anyway to celebrate, here is a meme

Read the picking instructions carefully

it's 9:00am
Do you know where your workers are at ?

Work day for me

Adios Mofos

I was pondering whether this meme account I set up the first week this Mastodon thing licked off, has out lived its usefulness, or should I let it age further into a vintage meme.

I heard that vintage memes are more desirable and can attract a much higher Lets Get Social Credit Score

Sadly, many of @yukiame's vintage memes have been memoryholed

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