ITM all

I’m going dark for my No Media March. A time for my amygdala to rest and recover.

No news, current affairs, stuff like that, just music and a bit of comedy. I’ll try to stay off the soshnets, but I will miss you

Anyway, if you really want me, you can always call. The numbers not that hard to find if you look. Email works too

@ProfWorr @TomNovak @ChrisWilson @yukiame Not me. I wouldn't join any club that would have someone like me as a member.

5G Pitch Thread! I'll start

Heckle.IO - you can heckle celebrities live! Engage in real-time rap battles with your favorite Mumble Rapper or Gansta!

4K Premium Mode lets you broadcast beyond high def and all your friends will know that you're the best kind of person there is!

@adam @ChrisWilson

Here’s what you start lookin like when NA Soc is down for more than 34 hours...😂

Yesterday I grabbed some snags for the barbie (sausages for the BBQ) marked Texas Chilli

I got to enjoy the heat twice :-)

Happy Monday Mornin’ and happy show day

Meanwhile on the Tweeters.....I’m gaining new followers....including another blue tick bloke (assuming pronoun and gender)

Why ??????

@ProfWorr @ChrisWilson @hippieNdisguise Malacostraca, the cockroaches of the sea: shrimp, lobsters, crabs, et al. They annoying shells with bits of meat and Jordan Peterson metaphors inside.

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