As I was carefully thumbing through the May 18, 1903 edition of The SF Call newspaper. I ran into this odd ad. Then found someone who looked into it here. …

I thought you would be amused.

Original Tweet:

2:15 PM - 17 Sep 2019

More bots:

zappa is so weird, a man with huge talent and an ego to fit, but always with compassion and understanding for everyone else, and weirdly humble.

@stsmith @ChrisWilson

I declare this "getting an earful of Michelle Obama". Nowhere near as bad as "getting a handful of Michelle Obama".

if, the world is worse, then, of all things considered, i still find twitter facebook, n other online sites the primary cause of degeneracy.

Quote from @ChrisWilson just now after an amazing blues riff he played:

“..I find that many [musicians] can play other peoples’ music better than me, but I think I play my own music fairly well.”

Think about these words, folks, they’re rich.

Sir Bemrose and Darren O are sitting at the jitsi round table, trying to figure out all the potentialities.

@ChrisWilson @darrenoneill @SirBemrose

Humans are the leading cause of anthropogenic climate alarmism.

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