My favourite bit:

"I don't know what's so hard about this," said Biden as his aides handed him a juice box and tightened his 5-point harness. "Just wear the dang seatbelt folks!"

@lizzymoda @Therealdcgirl I'd love to run a recycling scam. refuse to take cans back that don't have the tab

@Therealdcgirl Wait a minute, they’re not paying me to recycle?
They charge extra at the register to force me to return the bottles just so I can recoup the extra cost, minus my time?
And if I don’t the state just keeps the money?
This was explained to me by an old farmer in OR who was handing a cashier a box of empty beer cans who definitely didn’t want them, but couldn’t legally charge the guy a deposit fee because of them.

@Genen Stick to beef, beer, bourbon, and backyard pizzas, and you'll live forever!

@ChrisWilson @Haymoose the best part is when a black guy and a Mexican guy jump out of the truck. That'll really melt the leftist brain

I am arguing with someone who is wrong on twitter. How do I know they are wrong ? Easy, they are on Twitter. People on twitter can not be trusted to be right. I know that. I’m on Twitter.

Anyway, the debate is heated, but I pass them a virtual joint along with my tweet. Not blocked.....yet


Look at the OnePlus 3T. Cheap, I think you can just stay on the stock ROM (might keep some of those warez happier). We have one for a similar reason, we call it the "burner phone".

Hey slaves

Got a musical project that will require me to use the dirty socials. You know the FAGITS

Apple Music

Any suggestions for a separate phone just to do the dirty socials. Half decent camera & enough processing to cope with bloated no-privacy-anal-probe-ware

Trying to keep the outlay under $500 dollaridoos, but could be talked into $500 Biden Bucks

Prefer android for Linux connectivity, unless anyone knows how to get at Apple storage on Linux

I played a show on Friday. Took the old Cannon 40D. Threw a 50mm lens and tried to remember what I needed to do to make it all work

The Drummer’s ex showed up. I snapped this with her hand up, but caught the focal point on her eye....

I think we memorialised the pig that contributed to the family sized sausage roll rather well.

@CSB tomorrow is a good day to poke your nose into any Orthodox church: a bit of a feast, and its the one day a year anyone can ring the bells. The big event was tonight at midnight.

Orthodoxy is a deep subject: a gift you will not finish unwrapping in your lifetime even if you start as a child.

Russia haters will find fault with Putin's government while Western governments will arrest them for using the wrong pronouns online. The absurdity knows no limits.

...and the darker, more ethnic looking are pushed to the back.....the darkest face, second on the left is almost obscured completely by someone who would pass as white, but not when compared to those in the middle

Notice also, that that obscured person of colour with the darkest skin is also carrying the heaviest load ????

Wow. Problematic communist propaganda pop art.... who would have thunk it

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