@ChrisWilson That's not much of a view, is it? Perhaps you could supply her something more uplifting.
May karma lift her spirits. 🍇 💐
Otherwise: This poster.


Mum is still in hospital, but getting better. She will recover and get to go home but it’s a long process.

Here is the view she gets during her stay

Thank you al for your courage, karma and prayers

When asked about being paranoid about being targeted.

“I’m old enough to know that the world’s too clumsy for that.

People like to sleep, eat, and grope after whom ever they like to grope after.

Pretty much everything else is mishandled”

David McMillan

ITM all and thank you all for your karma, prayers, wishes, good vibes etc.

Mum seems to be improving. I spoke to her yesterday for the first time since she lost conscious. She was lucid for a few minutes, but found it exhausting.

I’ll keep you all informed

Thank you for your courage. We certainly have the best community here in Gitmo Social.

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