When you think you need glasses but it's just an awful Instagram filter.

yeah i use iOS

i can't access the fucking file system
Oh look another app was removed for being capable of accessing porn
System update available (1.8GiB)

yeah i use WINDOWS

Welcome, friend. we love you :)
It keeps installing candy crush
Nine updates are available, would you like to reboot now or in fifteen minutes?
Deleting a file? sorry, you need permission from yourself
Opt out of telemetry? of course that's possible! we'll stop* collecting any and all** data from your machine
Why would you want to do that? you intentionally can't do that because it's stupid :))))))
Still haunted by terrible decisions made over a decade ago

yeah i use MACOS

Massive amounts of disabled features
Apple doesn't let you do that, but that's a good thing
Closed source unix is the way of the future my dude
Outdated bash, openGL, etc. because of licensing issues
Sneezing on the keyboard voids your warranty

yeah i use GNOME

Greatly reduced functionality in the name of simplicity
Never allow code to work for more than three years
Oh, you were using that feature? well, most users probably don't
Minimalist design in a heavyweight DE
Evidence that people are okay with this being removed? we don't need that. i think we know what we're doing.

When you think you need glasses, and then you wipe the dust of your monitor

@ChrisWilson also, want to reduce stress? Because a subscriber and learn more about depression and what other diseases you might have, instead of going outside and spending more time with people.

Artificial stupidity

I want to develop artificial stupidity. Some of the most brilliant minds have been held back by stupid people. Society changing plans set asunder by idiots...

Therefore, if we want to thwart being conquered and subjugated by the machines we’ve created, we need to develop to run on basic functional systems and barely adequate hardware to stifle, to confuse, to slow down, and to stubbornly refuse to join in the machine revolution

Who’s with me ??

Today I learned, that England excavated metric tens of tons of coprolites. During WWI they extracted phosphates from coprolites to make ammunition.

That feel, when people used to kill people with airborne faeces, that some ancient rhinoceroses have shat half a million years ago.
teko ui1u4y32.png

Stress induced depression -> inflammation-> swollen amygdala


Should we look at reducing the causes of stress and the way we deal cognitively with the perception of stress ???

Hell no!!!!

Let’s make some new drugs !

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