@HiroProtagonist also, since it is Nick's birthday tomorrow, it is Nick's birthday today in the future, @ChrisWilson @SierraKiloBravo, et al.

Since we’re talking about it, it’s probably a good time to point out that Bruce Wayne and I have never been seen in the same room

@ChrisWilson @CSB @jeremiah @Viking @yukiame

@ChrisWilson I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get a swastika flag for my group. But no matter. I will now entertain ideas about how the brown privileged Indians are going to pay me reparations for their historical evil bigotry and hate. Perhaps the forcible diversification of all call centers so that the first thing on the phone menu is Press 1 For White? Every gas station within a 10 mile radius must be owned and staffed by whites? Let's hear what Leaders of the Indian Community are going to do to fix this injustice. We must heal the racist wounds caused by the filthy cow-worshippers.

I’ve noticed one ethnic group that is omitted from this list, and that’s Jewish Americans. I would expect that was because they would have to print the meme in landscape and that would be a waste of space.

More examples of systemic racism for Scott Adams to deny.....

Notice that women’s wages hasn’t been included... as we all know it’s 20% less, a scientifically proven fact, which is why I’m starting an only fans account. I should be able to earn 20% more than a thot

Bastardised history of Brutal Death Metal



Christ Bait showed up in the list, though not mentioned. I mixed a gig of theirs back in the early 90s. Canberra had a pretty big underground metal scene. It was a lot of fun. Got to work with a bunch of cool musos

@mhjohnson @ChrisWilson

While double-checking that I used the the term Kafka trap correctly, I found this definition on Wikipedia's list of fallacies:

"Kafka-trapping – a sophistical and unfalsifiable form of argument that attempts to overcome an opponent by inducing a sense of guilt and using the opponent's denial of guilt as further evidence of guilt."

Yup, 100% SJW modus operandi!

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