Someone please help Sir @ChrisWilson who seems to be stuck in dimensh 33

Oh if this were true

The implication for mail in ballots

Social experiment

Send 100 letters with a picture of DJT on the envelope. Send 100 of the same with a picture of JB. See how many are delivered of each

So I pulled over at a bakery I visit on the way to a client and saw this

What could it possibly be?

Japan's whiteness problem: they don't care about our whining

My Pet Troll Thursday is back on Twitter.

Now, in the past, I have tried to tame him, but he is a troll, which means he is wild, and will bite, scratch you and urinate on your social media. If I can grab him when he doesn't expect, and get him into a cage, I'll take him to the vet and get him neutered. Hopefully it will calm him down.

@Ariesian1 @jeremiah what if...she's a lizard and has a case of Gecko Eye?

Fake news you can trust:

"I thought about just making a documentary where I didn't actually murder puppies to make the point, but it just wasn't powerful enough," said director Amélie Le'Charpentier (who is, by the way, a woman of color and an immigrant, so think about that before you criticize her).

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