I was digging through stuff and found this

A interesting discussion on the relationship between the medical research community and the Nazi party in 1930s Germany


Then I thought about what’s going on today.........(Shudder)

@bufordk @kd4ngc @ChrisWilson @CMike @Sabex @SirDHSlammer @GWFF @Raydar @bigl0af Just connected to K5ACC on Echolink... seems to be working
Not been on in years on here

This latest naked-faced shopping trip went so well!! 😍

(Compared to the last time — video below —when employees called the cops and no one was allowed to check out.)

Some of the other shoppers even removed their masks, and a couple of them spoke about why they did so.



@Sabex @SierraKiloBravo @ChrisWilson @yukiame If ancient aliens is to be believed... we're all filthy imigrants!

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