So I've schilled this before. But now I'm schilling this as a paperback! I've written a novella and it's over here on Amazon: Get it now, before it becomes a Netflix series, or before the audio version is voiced by @jennifer, or before it's reviewed on a revival episode of the Big Book Show with @adam , or before @Johncdvorak declares that there is no evidence that the people want an apocalyptic ice age novella. Or even before @ChrisWilson writes the musical.

Not just , but Engineering as well.

This is a 17.2KHz VLF radio station used for Gitmo IKEA's subs underwater to receive messages from boots on the ground

Built from a flat pack with nothing but vague instructions and an Alan key

message is VVV de SAQ

My theory for the reason for sending Vs was for operators to warm up and tune their mechanical bugs.

A dash is meant to be three dots long. so you would line up your dot speed

@jeremiah You'll love the knobs

Ham Radio. When the apocalypse, ham radio is going to save the world, right ???

A real live SOS recording. The radios had alarms that went off when they heard and SOS, so you only get the SOS at the end of all that racket, followed by the message, which is a little too quick for me

I might have a go at decoding it later

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