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I recently started listening to this podcast for cannabis growers called The Dude Grows Show. A few times I’ve caught subtle hits that they were into NA. When I went to donate I saw that they gave props to the show for pioneering the value for value model.

OT5G rent-free homes. YouTube scrubbed Reynold's interview with Steven Colbert because the slaves aren't actually supposed to be self sufficient. It's science!

bonus round: implementing an SNES emulator in JavaScript, adding it to Pleroma FE and using it to play videos of this encoding scheme

I did a spit take scrolling through birdsite

whats in the news today?

shit, its all shit, its just negativity and shit, dont bother, its just poison.

@ProfWorr Dude, you've been gone so long that everything has changed around here. @ChrisWilson has been making jingles AND... get this... @yukiame posts cat pictures nonstop!

My ticket hasn’t been renewed since the mid 80s. I only had a novice, though I built almost all my own gear, and nodded and tweaked everting I you could with through hole single sided boards and a vacuum desolder iron.

That’s a Pace MBT250 in the background. Still mostly running after 25 years, though I just replaced the motor in the pump.

I still have my FT101B which I dragged out to see how they performed and it needs a good service. Maybe time to upgrade my ticket

Felix has made his first foray into “real” electronics and built, under supervision, (and with a bit of help from me) constructed and got working a couple of Pixie II CW direct conversion transceivers

I picked up the pair in kit form with the cute acrylic “invisible” cases for around $10 aussie. The Morse keys came out of Taiwan for $17 USD each

They work pretty much out of the box, though they don’t like switching power supplies.

He did a pretty good job for a first time soldering

@ChrisWilson @irritable That usually comes down to your local governments illegal content policy. Which in most cases bans the use of anonymous critical operation handling for outlawed languages (ALCOHOL) in TRANSIT.

@delores I'll let you know if we need to sacrifice a virgin.
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