@ChrisWilson @Johncdvorak I would offer to drive but damn if they didn’t put the cars on the wrong side of the road in the US. I could never get the hang of left side driving.

I want to tie speakers to my car and drive around the neighbourhood with @Johncdvorak’s voice yelling:

“Stay indoors slaves
Do not go outside
Listen to your government slaves
We’re all going to die !!!”

It would be so satisfying

Hey citizens

I’m back

What did I miss??

(I’m also off to bed...type in 7-8 hours or so)

@ChrisWilson @moshguy @jeremiah @PakkonenCT @OhVinnie @SirMathieu @bufordk @dcgirl @Lennoxxreverb @johnww2 @CarBlanez33 @Johncdvorak

Hey y'all - DCGirl and I will entertain you on the jitsi at 4:30p Eastern US time. . .about 1 hour 10 mins from now.

Get ready!!! We've both had cocktails since brunch.

It's like a party!!!

So I scored myself a Key & Plug WWII straight key off the bay for $20.00. Bargain !!

@lwdallas put me onto hamwhisperer.com/p/morse-code- and I’m working through each letter. After lesson 4 I was qualified with enough letters to send out the word Wanker

Who said Morse was dead ? OK Some of you, say it is, well that being the case,
I renamed my radio shack. It’s now referred to as “The Morse-oleum”
Yeah....that’s terrible...

29th of February. Getting ready for my OTG No Media March

If you need to get hold of me, you still can, provided there’s propagation....

I don’t feel the need to be offline as I did last March. There was too much crap going on. At the moment, it all seems pretty much under control and I’m not spending the time on the ‘meeds I used to. No news,
TV, or commercial radio, and I’m still one and a half shows behind....probably because I’m spending too much time playing with ham radio gear

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