If true. Holy shit. This goes even beyond what I expected.


Trump is the worst thing that could ever have happened to America a demagogue

a political agitator who appeals with crude oratory to the prejudice and passions of the mob

The gal tagged in this post may have figured out where a big majority of fraud came from. A super pack including Soros money, BLM, Actblue, Supermajority. Did you get way more texts about the election this year than normal? They were essentially phishing via text to determine people who weren't going to vote, then used their vote for Biden. This might be huge. @adam


I'm sorry everyone. I myself jumped the gun. RCP never called it to begin with. Del this now.

Anyone got a copy of the Georgia court documents filled by Trump? They were on /pol but don't see them now. And I have no clue how to view past the first page. Lol

For those that listened to me carry on about E the Friend. New dispatch. And it sounds like a message to start whatever they have had planned!

There is the belief in the Q community that DHS has watermarked all legal ballots with a special non visible mark in a huge strong effort to catch the Dems red handed. I have to say I hope this is true because that would be fucking EPIC.

TLDR a bunch of trump people have been on TV with 10:10 on clocks. E the friend who has called stuff a bunch before has said this weekend is going to be interesting. He just posted this. Has this every happened outside of 911?

He's calling Comey out. Looks like something is going down regarding him.

@adam it's funny you said what you said about Tore. When watching the "documentary" I thought something was off too. She just seemed to be to good of a fast talker. Master manipulator.

Wait wait wait. So the latest Q belief is JFK Jr is alive and has been secretly working to bring evil down?

Y'all MF wild man 😂


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