Just had a customer say "you should start preparing for Putin to drop the bomb". I replied, "man relax you are responding to your programming, just turn off the damn TV." He said "you dont know what I know". So for the rest of you, we have a guy here in quiet little Beauty Point who knows what Putin is going to do. Its amazing how far Vlad's reach is. Crazy People!

Just listening to the Percy Sledge classic. When a person who identifies as a man loves a person who identifies as a woman.

@adam Moonfall. I could only stand 20 mins, no edibles handy. However I did notice this interesting NASA story that was pretty coincidental for timing and content.

Just finished listening to Jordan Peterson interviewing Dan Crenshaw. Where is the evidence of his involvement with the WEF?

I have heard it claimed many times, including on NA that he is a "young global leader". He denies it strongly and I can find no evidence.

5 mins after we get a "left progressive" Federal Govt. in Australia, the kids are eating bugs while having gender identity stories read to them (grooming) by drag queens. Western society is circling the fuxing drain folks.


Finally got in. So glad and blessed to be here. Love is indeed Lit!

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