Could use some help from my NA family. My husband has fluid in his eustachian tube causing him to be bed ridden with dizziness and nausea. The meds we are getting are doing jack all. Does anyone have a reliable home remedy?

@CharleneBrandon ice pack at the back of the neck, overlapping spine. For nausa/dizzyness. Should have some relief in under 2 minutes if what is causing discomfort is stopped..not sure how it will work with his fluid problem.

Fluid in BOTH ears or just one?
To try to get fluid out.

If one, put clogged ear down on bed with electric heat pad/hot water bottle under it.

The heat might soften wax and allow fluid to drain.

Take a hot shower..if nausa allows

@CharleneBrandon ..ohh...and i am not a doctor..but those are 2 things i would try.


I had the same problem, although not as severe. The meds the doctor gave me did squat.

I eventually stumbled on this guy. You can skim through some of the background info to get to the actual exercises/stretches/movements, but I believe this helped me a lot.

@CharleneBrandon I have had this and it sucks! Afrin can help but it has to be administered in a very specific way: This is for ears that won’t pop but is useful for fluid too.
Also bonine is good for this kind nausea since it’s very similar to motion sickness. I bought a little steam inhaler device to help loosen the mucus in my head but I’m not sure if it helped much.

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