Some nice hand-forged Christmas ornaments.
Wreath, tree, ribbon, candy cane and icicle.

🚨🚨BREAKING - District court judge HALTS CMS mandate in Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming pending a trial.

Full order:

Took an order to the post office, got more wax, made candles for an order, canned jars and managed a 2 year old. I love this life

We can now show the crosses that were custom made for a customer.
I built the crosses and a good friend used his laser to give one cross a silver finish and the other bronze. Letters change color in the light.
I had to stretch myself to make these and I'm happy with the results.

After months is looking I finally found pumpkin spice scent for candles. Happy days

These turned out so stinking cute. Plus my chocolate mint scent showed up. Happy day

I made some goats milk soap that the family has started to use. Already some amazing results. Our skin and hair is a lot more manageable.
I'm putting it on the store so others can enjoy it if they want

Our youth pastor and his wife had their first baby boy on Friday night. I knocked this up tonight to give them as a surprise gift.
If you would like to buy one yourself, we will be adding them to our store.

Serious overhaul of pictures and inventory at the store. Check it out for the holidays. remember 10% of our profit goes to the podcasts in the NA universe. Also buying from a small business helps everyone.

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