Could use some help from my NA family. My husband has fluid in his eustachian tube causing him to be bed ridden with dizziness and nausea. The meds we are getting are doing jack all. Does anyone have a reliable home remedy?

Update on @RickBrandon we took yet another trip to the ER. This time they checked his ears and said there is fluid behind the ear drum probably from allergies.

Me: help an old woman up
7 year old : your not old I think you will always be 65

Excuse me while I grab my wheelchair

Good day in the workshop. I think my first attempt at a tie dye teacup candle went very well

Now that I have my own workshop I can really make some fun stuff. Like these soaps.

I got my candle shed up and running. No more trying to pour wax in the kitchen.

🚨🚨BREAKING - District court judge HALTS CMS mandate in Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming pending a trial.

Full order:

Took an order to the post office, got more wax, made candles for an order, canned jars and managed a 2 year old. I love this life

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