Alex Jones just cited a study that came out at the end of Jan with findings that mRNA vaccines cause proteins that eat your brain like Mad Cow Disease. He said that a year from now, we'll have to take care of our family members who will be getting "progressively more retarded" Lololol! That guy is an awesome shock jock! Great radio!

The chicks are alive. They are all great fun. Very easy going and one wants to be held.

The past 24 hours has been rough. As many of you know we had chickens. Then we had a coop fire. I managed to get it cleaned up so our daughter wouldn't see the worst of it. She took it amazingly well. We told her the truth. A horrible incident happen and we lost the ladies. I offered to let her pick out the next set of chickens. She then offered to pay for then but be begged for chicks. Long story short (too late) meet the chicklets. She won't let me call them chicken nuggets.

A new mile stone has been achieved. I just got these lovely ladies home

Breaking news. A midget con artist pretending to be a psychic broke out of cook county jail early this morning. Be on the look out for a small medium at large.

(Don't hurt me shamelessly stolen from FB)

Had a daddy/daughter date night with this little jewel. She was all smiles the entire time. She even sang a song she made up in the van. It's times like these that make my life.

How much time is saved by moving to Daylight Savings Time? Check out this map for the answer!

Anyone happen to have the covid "vaccine" booklet downloaded they wouldn't mind me getting a copy of? I'm a day late i know. I couldn't find it in the show notes either

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