Has Trump trolled you recently? This video was posted in 2011 haha: youtube.com/watch?v=rAWmCuIMET

His Lordship orderly prorogue actions of executive context self evidently frustrating the constitutional principal of parliamentary supremacy.

Greta T needs to take the airplanes,. the argument is simple, airplanes pollute less per mile than trains when they're powered by coal power especially when crossing through Germany. And Airbus is working on bringing electric aircraft and they for sure can bring those passenger airplanes to the market sooner.

So @adam had to pay VAT On his helicopter once in Europe, so he's totally against VAT. Most US states already have a VAT.

Warren may very well have an Indian American great grandmother or something. We all know DNA tests are totally bogus to prove anything. That great grandmother may show up as "3% South American" that's just as Native American as anything else. Trump claimed his father was born in Germany, in fact Trump's grand parents are basically pre-Nazi, pretty much Trump is a Nazi.

Apple has a whole range of plans to pivot surely. Apple could use some of its tax-free (thanks to Trump) cash to acquire Tesla at a current or near future stock price discount and become an American made electric car company. If Apple wants to save its soul, they also purchaee SpaceX in a bundle deal and fund the Humans to Mars mission by 2024 or so. But they won't do good with their cash. Apple may try to automate future iPhone assembly by US based automated assembly but it won't work.

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Huawei is years ahead, Huawei is cheaper and better. The USA is scared shitless to lose the future of the 5G and the tech industry. Android is open source, Huawei already has a Google-less version of Android which they sell in China. China anticipated this a decade ago. ChinaLinux will destroy Microsoft. The big loser is the USA. My dream will finally come true. For retaliation, China is preparing to destroy Apple, the world's biggest company, "for nationa security reasons", China will ban Apple

@adam and they had better Leica cameras and better lenses in the 1969 moon landing than the kids have now in their stupid smartphones, yes Moore's law has improved the processors and storage, but optics and general rocket propulsion technology has not evolved since 1969. The US spent serious money on the Apollo programme, the Paypal guy Elon Musk alone can't yet just quite match that. But he says he will match and exceed the Saturn5 by 2021/2023 or so, he says, which would be totally amazing.

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Why do they keep hating on climate change? Seems @adam has trashed climate change so much for so many years there's just no way he'd ever admit he was wrong this whole time. Renewables are cheaper, solar and wind installations can last 50+ years with no maintenance, it's 1'000'000x cleaner than burning up oil, coal, comon now. Europe nearly got completely radiated by the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster, Fukushima has badly radiated the whole pacific ocean, can even be detected in California wine.

The Google AI thing does let the illiterate lady learn to read as each word is highlighted while spoken, she can play it as slow as she wants, I don't think there is any better way to learn to read. @adam the problem I have with Google is that they don't do anywhere near enough and all the stuff they announce never gets released. Google announced awesome stuff at Google I/O 10 years ago that still hasn't reached the broad market. A few beta testers here and there is not broad availability.

Uber makes Billions of dollars in profits, they just hide their profits by investing to "win over" new markets, they profit on drivers in profitable regions to subsidize new drivers in new subsidized markets until that new market becomes profitable then they add new regions with the profits from there.

It's easy for Dvorak to say UK is better doing Brexit. Imagine Texas exiting the USA. It would instantly go bankrupt. It's in USA's interest to have a weaker UK. Stop interfering with UK politics you gringo.

How fo I configure the Tusky Mastoson client Android app to connect to noagendasocial server? When I type in noagendasocial.com itsays server not found.. I had Tusky working just fine on my previous phone..

Over 100% of the warming means we are responsible for the warming and earth should be getting slightly colder (as earth slowly moves away from the sun, the sun's gravity is not keeping up at the same distance forever).

Have Adam and John shifted their view on Venezuela in that last episode? Sure they didn't just get lied to by a Venezuelan/US oligarch? I think the only thing that makes sense is for their oil wealth to go to the people. Not to Exxon Mobil CEO & Donald Trump Secretary of State.

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