Mexican President should avoid small aircraft and hot tubs. Should we start a dead pool?

New CDC and FDA guidelines for Covid. 😂 This about where we are headed soon

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NAS will be offline one evening this week for database maintenance that cannot be performed while the instance is online. Should be back online in the wee hours of the morning.

Love is lit.

I guess the term Broadcast is really fitting. I think YouTube is using the Gender Gap to save $, since they only have to pay 82% of the regular cost.

Any else thinking all this flooding, US, Germany, then China is weather warfare?

The whole Blue Origin thing just seems so uneventful. We keep going less and less further in to space and celebrate like it is something new. First the moon, then earth orbit, now barely reaching space for 11 minutes. Woo what a feat!

Hazy day in upstate NY apparently due to the fires on the west coast.

This article has a few home treatments for Covid. The more you know, in the morning!

This lady’s job was top vaccine official, her state only obtained a 38% vaccination rate, and she’s mad she got fired, Duh lady, 38% is a huge fail. Should have did better job.

Well now that the stupid slaves were able to get an ID, they apparently do not know how to make copies of them. Cmon man!

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