The Left can't wait to be enslaved.

Takei experienced the Japanese internment camps as a kid.

The midwit commenting compares himself to a domesticated pet.

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I was planning to wait to draw my ultimate line in the sand between masks and the vax. Then I saw a kid out hiking with his dad (both masked) who was afraid of me because I wasn't wearing a mask in the middle of the woods. I'm no longer willing to comply with masks in stores or anywhere else. There is no way raising kids to be scared of human faces is healthy.

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Another In The Morning shoutout on the Beanie Cast by Tim Pewl.

Got a "Stay Safe" for @Johncdvorak

They knew @adam is the inventor of Podcasting! GO PODCASTING! 🎙️

This man helped develop the PCR diagnostic for SARS-Cov-2, knowing full well that it shouldn't be used this way. He had criticized how PCR was creating false negatives during the MERS outbreak.

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AFB = Air Force Base
OCP = Occupational Camouflage Pattern (the Air Force's newest uniform)

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@rhowardbrowne we need to start a website that is a douchebag database of companies who think they can get away with this

How do you turn the tide in an Information War when your opponent controls all the strategic points?

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