@CarrieAnnOutLaw I have had LC for about a month. My white blood cells are in a constant fight mode. Others have it way worse but from what I’ve read, ppl getting a jab with LC are ending up with serious life threatening problems. Their is no magic pill to boost white blood cells. Vitamins can only do so much. I don’t wish this on anyone.

@CarrieAnnOutLaw its ~3% per large studies

"long covid" defined as symptoms lasting 12 weeks or more

My has a friend who was not getting better and claims she got better right after the shot.
I came down with covid, according to a self text kit, around one month ago.
IVM stopped the virus I believe and massive doses of colloidal silver a week later finally brought my resting heart rate down and O2 up but I still have a cough.

I think the damage this thing can do is real and depending on how long it is allowed to infect various systems results vary.

@CarrieAnnOutLaw I feel the same way. It just does not compute for me. How a disease can have another version of the same disease that lasts longer. Either you got it or you don’t 🤔

I swear I had that shit! Got over it maybe 2 weeks before I got Delta

Nope. I was real sick and it lasted for over a year. Then I get a super mild cold and 5 days in I lose my smell. I'm all good now

@mrman @CarrieAnnOutLaw That's called pneumonia and flu.
It's stupid that you use newspeak to refer to very well known diseases.

Could have been a flu. I wrote it off as asthma at the time but unlike anything before. Your point is good

@mrman @CarrieAnnOutLaw

It's a lost battle, anyway, people already adopted the newspeak. It's like trying to force people to use "faggot" instead of "gay" because "gay" means joyful or something and we shouldn't use it in that way.... Meh, fuck this world.
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