About go live with @CarBlanez33 for the best of the D's.

D's NUTS!!!!!

Tune in at PodTard.com

Rare Encounter with @coldacid and @AbleKirby is Live tonight at 7pm ET.

Tune in for the pre-stream, which is ABS 'n a 6-Pack, and the NoAgenda stream mixed tougher with relaxing ambiancé here: rareencounter.stream

About to go live with JonBreaksBadNews, live until 7pm! Then we start back right after Rare Encounter with @CarBlanez33 for Best of the D's

Tune in and join the chat at PodTard.com

@sirseatsitter @CarBlanez33
Douche, dingo, downer, dingleberry, dapper, Dilbert, dairy, danger, Double Dare, dill, dapper, diaper.

The podcast is (finally) back tomorrow!

5pm eastern is a call out show with JonBreaksBadNews.

8pm eastern its Best of the D's with @CarBlanez33.

Listen live at PodTard.com

Reply with your suggestions of D words we should cover with Carolyn tomorrow night.

@CarBlanez33 and I host Hog Story
The latest episode, Pretty Brown, is available now!


Exercising its freedom on you hardware

Become an executive producer of Hog Story today, by going to hogstory.com/donate and/or send us a boostagram with a modern podcasting 2.0 app and we will read it on the show! nudepodcastapps.com


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LIVE! TONIGHT! 7 PM CT/ 8 PM ET join @fletcher and I in the smoker for Episode 305 of Hog Story. What is freedom to you? Let us know by leaving a voicemail 430-201-4841.

Stream: stream.hogstory.net:8000/strea

Chat: kiwiirc.com/nextclient/irc.zer

Happy Freedom Day to all you Americans out there on the fedis today

@CarBlanez33 and I were joined by @NICKtheRAT for another Hog Story Five Minute Limit earlier today! We titled this one, Fuzzins
Check it out Thanks @Boo_BuryMothman for the art


Everyone is hot in a volcano

@fletcher and I are joined by @NICKtheRAT are in the smoker for Episode 304 for the Five minute limit! Talk to us live by calling 430-201-4841.

Stream: stream.hogstory.net:8000/strea

Chat: kiwiirc.com/nextclient/irc.zer

I got more sodas from Kim Mitchell this past Canada Day!

@CarBlanez33 and I will be doing another live Hog Story Five Minute Limit with a special guest, @NICKtheRAT, directly after No Agenda this afternoon!
It's a call-in show, so get your fingers ready to punch in the number, 430-201-4841
We want to talk to you!

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