@Lennoxxreverb @CarBlanez33 or "Crystals, Orgone, Ringtone Hell and Whales?" @CarBlanez33 lmao.

so nice to finally talk with yall. :-)

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ringo @ringo2022-01-20 19:11:24
@CarBlanez33 "Crystals, Orgone and Whales? " hahahaha.

derp copy pastas gone bad :D

@CarBlanez33 and I host Hog Story. We took your calls for the latest episode, Cloud Punching
Check it out now


That ringtone is so loud


Chillin' in Pungo Creek watchin' the youtubes waiting to check out #HogStory

A two day storm should be hitting anytime, but I'm quite secure where I'm located :D
Just keeps getting worse for Canada, in part from the federal government using debt to fund mortgage bonds.

Thanks @sirseatsitter for inviting me as a guest on Abs ‘N A 6-Pack! We had an adventure with the letter ‘B’, we laughed, we learned and we called Taco Bell! When this is posted to absna6pack.com be sure to give it a listen!

@Lennoxxreverb and I will TAKE OVER the No Agenda Stream tonight LIVE! 7 pm CT / 8 pm ET
We will be taking your calls LIVE! Give us a call 430-201-4841!

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Do you want to be LIVE
in the smoker w/@Lennoxxreverb
& @CarBlanez33?
Call into
@ 430-201-4841 ☎️

Toronto and GTA: Can you refer me to a photographer? Or are you a photographer? Need some fresh portraits.

LIVE! TONIGHT! 7 PM CT/ 8 PM ET join @Lennoxxreverb and I in the smoker for Episode 256 of Hog Story. Give us a call 430--201-4841 and speak to us LIVE!

Stream: stream.hogstory.net:8000/strea
Chat: kiwiirc.com/nextclient/irc.zer

@CarBlanez33 Japanese sports cars hit their peak in 2001/2002ish, so I'd def agree. But the 90s has lots of evergreen models.

Been working on a set of posters from Network. Such a great movie.

Less than ten minutes before @AbleKirby and I wreck your earballs with another Rare Encounter! Hit up the stream and join us in the chat for an hour of full frontal nerdity!


IRC irc.zeronode.net

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