BREAKING NEWS: Dr Anthony Fauci insists the CDC should be above US federal courts.

"We are concerned about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally a public health decision. This is a CDC issue…

Today's #AppTuesday invites you to fill out our 5-question survey about the Nextcloud Forms app!

Forms is a simplified, self hosted alternative to survey and questionnaire apps like Google Forms, Typeform, and SurveyMonkey.

Why would you use Talk over a separate solution? The key reasons are integration and efficiency, but security also benefits.

We will go deeper in the various advantages in this blog!

Emergency……….there’s an emergency going on………it’s still going on……..

It's crazy how for two generations we were taught to question everything about ourselves, our institutions and our culture and now that we can visually literally see our world collapsing it is made illegal and untoward to question ANYTHING.

I know CNN & MSNBC never aired this, so I figured I would. Spot on, don't you think?


Wonder why he didn’t invade anyone after the Olympics 2018 Olympics?

Hmmm! I just can’t quite recall who was President!!!🤔

2008 Putin struck Georgia right after the Summer Olympics opening ceremony.

2014 - Putin struck Ukraine three days after the Sochi Olympics

2022 Putin hit Ukraine days after the closing ceremony

The next one will in the summer of 2024?

I will say that the "REACHER" 8-part Amazon mini-series is fun. Recommended.

It could go on forever. NOT A CHICK FLICK.

Not the actor of Tom Cruises caliber BUT more the character of the person in the Lee Child's novels -- a brute. Fun and "bloody."

Bobby: Dr. Fauci, I have a crazy friend Jonas Salk who says herd immunity means "even the unvaccinated portion of a population is effectively vaccinated." Is he crazy?

Fauci: No, just ignorant. You see, your crazy friend never heard of transhumanism. Just ask any scientician and he'll tell you that, in nature, one species invariably eats another species to evolve.

B.: Wow, I was a Grade-A moron to ever question

F.: Yes, you were, Jimmy. Yes you were.

B.: Ow you're hurting me!

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@TheLaurenChen: "You know the people who shut down the economy for the past two years and cost countless people their jobs?

Well apparently they all of a sudden give a s**** about the economy now that people are protesting them

🙃 [screenshot]"

#TruckersForFreedom2022 #COVID #lockdowns #mandates #economy

(H/T @AnnCoulter RT )

Need a shirt "I voted for loan forgiveness, and All I got was this lousy crack pipe"

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