@jurasick @ThatLARRYSHOW
Yeah, no. The CA approach is to use big city prog-tard votes to overwhelm rural voting and then drive to a two tiered society: rich, prog-tard elites who will perpetually fund prog-tard politicians, and a mass of poor people, who can't afford food or energy or cell phones without government assistance and thus will perpetually vote prog-tard. Newsome's recall was probably the last real chance to turn the tide and it was decisively defeated . . . and yes I live in CA.

Especially if you already have a desktop that fits your space, then I'd look at the sit/stand frames sold by FEZIBO (they're on Amazon). I assembled one (a little tedious but not hard) and used a desktop I already had to get a relatively cheap sit/stand. They're pretty flexible about both the length and width (they have min and max for both, but can accommodate anything in between). I've been using one for a couple years and am happy with it.

Underlying all this is "If we can print all the money we want without affecting inflation, then why am I paying taxes at all? Why don't we just print the money?"

@BobJohn @ReadyKilowatt
Agree. I have a weird situation where I have emails duplicated in both Outlook and Salesforce and use Outlook as the primary. One other thing that's useful, especially if you have multiple projects with one company, is to give each opportunity/job a unique code and then put that code on everything to do with it: makes searching a breeze, even if you have concurrent projects with the same company/people.

My two cents: I currently use Salesforce (corporate work) and have experimented with 2-3 freemium platforms for personal use and I'd look hard at your business model before using one at all. There are many situations where CRM shines, but a one person shop may not be one of them. Ask yourself what your email of choice and a single on-going log of notes for each company (OneNote/Evernote) can't do first. If you go for one, highly recommend one that integrates with your email.


The IRS attempted to take down this job description. However, it had already gone viral.

Ooops…..must not be so damn stupid.

@WidowGarrett @ThatDoug
If Cherokee or Navajo were languages tech nerds learned as part of their sub-culture, then I'm sure we'd have translators for them, but they gravitate towards Klingon or Elvish, so those get tech privilege.

@ThatDoug @WidowGarrett
The AI/programming that does translation "learns" from mass amounts of written, already translated, material. That is available for Latin but not for any "oral tradition" language. For example, there was no written record of Navajo until the missionaries and not really any full written version until post WWII. Contrast that to Latin, copiously written and translated over many years plus used by professions, scholars, and religion long after its day to day use ended.

Problem: New NEJM study shows that vax'd and even boosted people are infectious to others for similar amounts of time as the un'vaxed (6 days vs. 7, statistically insignificant). Vax not only doesn't prevent you from getting it, it doesn't even reduce the spread.
Solution: Find someone who quoted a different part of the article, that made vax'd look worse than un'vaxed, and fact check it as false.
Step 3: Profit.

It says a lot when it is so hard to tell parody accounts from real ones.

Saw one at the Air Force museum at Wright Patterson many, many years ago . . . just an amazing airplane.

Can't remember if it was social media or just "media", but yeah, that was her

Article is about the Alzheimer's research scandal, but the pull quote is straight out of Covid:
"In science, fabrication usually happens when people publish high-profile papers that are nevertheless pretty much confirmatory of what everybody else thinks. That’s why most fabrication isn’t detected."

Oregon DHS issues amber alerts for infants that don't list sex but do list their pronouns (Hat Tip to Tom Woods) . . . e.g.,
Name: Nova Lou Millsap
Pronouns: She/her
Date of birth: June 17, 2021
Height: 30-inches
Weight: 20-pounds
Hair: Strawberry blonde
Eye color: Blue

@Boolysteed @Murray_N
That's interesting - I'm not catching it in results on Bing or DuckDuckGo . . . Also, to your point, it's a mixed bag: The Atlantic's "Quiet Courage" recession column was a fake but The Economist's "The silver linings of a recession" article was real. It's increasingly difficult to tell parody from reality at first glance, which I guess is a better way to make my point than the way I originally did . . .

Hey, that's my favorite Gatorade flavor!! Lot's easier to choke down than the disgusting Fruit Punch or the various "blue" or "ice" varieties.

@Murray_N @Boolysteed
Faking prog-tard columns with a "screenshot" of just the title (but of course no link) seems to be a thing now. When you see something like this just google the alleged column title. If nothing shows up, then it's almost undoubtedly fake, as this one is. The "Quiet Courage of Biden's Negative Growth Economy" in The Atlantic hoax (also showed up on NAS) used the exact same MO. 50-50 whether the original troll is a prog-tard trying to embarrass us or just a jerk.

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