Biden “WON” the state of Wisconsin by a mere 20,684 votes.

115,252 of WI “voters” were over 100 years old, with many of those on the voter rolls since?
Exactly 1/1/1918.

New Year’s Day 104 years ago must’ve had QUITE a successful voter registration drive! And they’ve all remained SO HEALTHY!

But hey… “There wasn’t enough cheating to make a difference…”


@TwistedEagle @Justaslave
The "explanation" for that is that it's a default date. For instance in Excel if you put a zero in a cell and then format it as a date, you don't get an error, you get: "1/0/1900" It's plausible that some computer systems interpreted no data as 1/1/1918 (possibly during a data transfer from an older system). If so, then this proves the rolls are not maintained at all, which proves opportunity for fraud, but does not prove fraud actually took place.

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