The left has spent the last month attempting to LITERALLY murder members of the US Supreme Court, and now they are wondering why the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the 2nd Amendment...

Just finished "The Three Body Problem", which was especially interesting because it starts out during Mao's Cultural Revolution, describing lunatic zealots viscous persecution of anyone who deviated from what was politically deemed to be truth and how fear of that warped the survivors lives and their society . . . history doesn't repeat but it rhymes. FYI: fascinating book that goes off the rails near the end; doesn't bode well for the rest of the trilogy buy I'll give the next one a shot.

(20) The Oxygen Thief on Twitter: "Pay attention to what farmers are saying. This is just starting. It's gonna get a lot worse." / Twitter

Hungarian Defense Forces magazine article from 2017 about how Syria is all about pipelines. " “Yes, we are going to war to destroy an entire country because that country is an ally of our rival, Russia and they want to build a natural gas pipeline . . . the taxpayers would pay the costs of our military adventures. Human suffering through years and the destruction of most of the Syrian infrastructure does not matter: it would be the problem of the country that we destroy”"

The Osprey was never intended to be a heavy hauler: the USMC use the CH-53 Sea Stallion for that, which is comparable to the CH-47 Chinook. Raison detre for the Osprey was high speed transport of troops from ships that were "over the horizon" to hide from enemy anti-ship missiles combined with VTOL. This was a moronic concept that required bleeding edge tech, hence the MV-22's troubles and body count. USMC would have been far better off with more Sikorskys.

"How was it "clearly unintended" when Schumer made this threat at abortion rally:

“I want to tell you, Gorsuch. I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”"

It's easy to jump on McConaughey, but his proposals are more nuanced and practical than maybe he's being given credit for and he's supporting 2A and right to own.
-- his waiting period for semiauto rifles is inconsequential
-- Red Flag laws are something I was in favor of until psychiatry and the courts lost their minds, so I understand it even if I disagree
-- 21 years old to buy a semi auto rifle is stupid, but does little harm
-- he's wrong on background checks, but I'm OK with some reform

They tried to mock Trump with this...It had the opposite effect.

Walking home from the Baron of Silicon Valley's Cyber Meetup yesterday (Thank You, Herr Baron!) and had to wave to the Greta mural . . .


On top of this, the shooter had no drivers license or photo ID, so how could he possibly get his hands on all this expensive equipment?

You know how, and so does the FBI!

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