So läuft das im grossen Kanton.

German brawl in a public pool.

Do you spot the... well any German?

well, everyone knows big cities are lost forever at this point.

@bonifartius and small not yet?? After 2015 any large lump of houses are contaminated - littering, loitering and cajoling all year round :(

@CapitalB idk, it's okish here in smaller towns. you get some of the unsavory ones, but also normal people who just want to be left alone and aren't bothering anyone. fwiw, i also don't like native german idiots who make a ruckus.

@CapitalB i'm a strong proponent of the idea that we have enough idiots already and don't need to import extra idiots. just throw out people who don't behave.

@bonifartius idiots or not - das boot ist voll. ground water troubles, too many roads, investments overdue, sky high taxes. all western countries are f****

@CapitalB Ich würde in so ein Schwimmbad nicht freiwillig gehen ...

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