@Caernon Wow.

She does not never make strong arguments. What she does argue is trivial, and based on her personal Feelz; not life experience, empirical data, etc.

Very weak, lame defense of universal abortion, not even worthy of the Pro-Abortion Crowd.

This article only speaks.to naive, childless young women.

@BlueDouche Yeah, her arguments didn't convince me, either, but I found it interesting.

Is it sad when I totally disagree with her, but can think of many better & stronger arguments in favor of her side than she can?

Is.it just more evidence that High School & College Writing USED to teach logic, premise-based argument, and critical thinking... But now is just a game of spitting-out "yes Man" papers?

I wonder

@Caernon The Left was the bastion of Civil Liberties when I was young... And now, they can't figure out what a Civil Liberty is. Huge transformation over 40 years.

@BlueDouche Now, they seem intent on protecting whatever special interest groups they think they can get votes or publicity from.

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