How many apts did I have to decorate with lawn chairs and futons and found furniture?

The pandemic triggered monthslong—sometimes yearlong—delays for new sofas, beds and tables. Lawn furniture, bean bag chairs find new supporting roles. via @WSJ

Will we see more of this across the country?

With violent crime rising, some residents of Atlanta’s wealthy Buckhead neighborhood don’t just want more police. They want to secede. via @WSJ

Well, this should be interesting.

Ukraine’s foreign minister said Biden’s comments playing down a “minor incursion” into his country by Russia could serve as an invitation to attack via @WSJ

And they eat their own.

The actor Sean Penn runs afoul of the Biden labor relations board. Could he experience a free-market awakening? via @WSJOpinion

I ordered mine. Did you order yours?

The Biden administration’s website for ordering free Covid-19 rapid tests went live on Tuesday, a day ahead of schedule via @WSJ

Apple says that Senate legislation aimed at reining in large tech companies would weaken its user-privacy push, potentially benefiting ‘irresponsible’ companies that profit from user data via @WSJ

South Africa’s $24 billion mining sector is waning under the pressure of violent crime, growing costs, regulatory uncertainty and tapped-out mines. via @WSJ

The fact that this has been allowed at all amazes me.

Proponents cite sensitive information and conflicts, while critics point to costs and existing laws. via @WSJ

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