at $18.5k and at $1.2k and both still sinking, so one can’t blame the other for sinking.

Reason of their sinking: stock markets are sinking in general.

Where are the bottoms this year?

My guesstimate:

$0.8k for eth and
$17k for bitcoin

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Last time it went from $20K to $3K so I was just doing the math, starting at $69K 🤠

If only there was an global network where you can look up stuff like that.


I was expecting recent Clownworld BTC crashes to go all the way back to about $12.5k for longterm sideways action, and only then justify another moonshot.

Bottom though could go always back down to like $10.5k...but Clownworld and all the GOVT regz, and Central Bank could all go *POOF*

@blitzed @CSB

It can't go poof, as long as somebody, somewhere has a backup copy of the blockchain.

Which is very likely.

Even if Darth Vader somehow vaporized the entire planet, I believe there's a satellite up there with a copy of the blockchain. LOL

@ctsystems @CSB

*POOF* as in GLobohomo NWO GOVT's making all free-range cryptos illegal, and making all slaves use their new shitty tyrannical technocracy world central bank(s) fiat digital currency *LOL*

@CSB if it breaks 18k isn’t next resistance at 12k.

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