meanwhile in USA:

most expensive airplane is built for U.S. army: 2.1 billion dollaros americanos, and for duck U.S. army spending so much money that Mars could be colonized hundred times:

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@CSB the people who have the weapons make the rules.


maybe, but american ones are very overpriced, just like their healthcare

@CSB because its the best. What other country do you know that has over weight poor people?

@CSB I thought we broke the B2 record with the F35... Maybe not, idk

@CSB damn, what a failure. It can't even be expensive correctly.

Nah, they can't colonize Mars for any amount of money at the moment.

@CSB @harvhat - WTAF are you talking about? You think you could terraform Mars multiple times for 2.1 billion dollars? Really?

@Draven why don't we follow each other? I answer question only to people who follow me (and I follow back).

@CSB - Wow, I'm not following you? Fixed. Don't you do I dig it.


not for $2.1b but my point is: mankind in general or USA alone could colonize Mars if money spent on Army would go to Mars terraforming and colonization


@CSB @harvhat - I'm on board with spending way less on paying for the defense of half the planet from Russia/China and spending it on space exploration. How much of it is going now to stuff that sits in warehouses until it needs to be replaced with new stuff that doesn't get used either.


Your complaint has been noted and recorded.

In the future, when EU/NATO starts screaming to Imperialist 'Murica to save us from the Evil Poootin, you're gonna be totes ok if we leave the Spirits at Whitman AFB, since you don't think they were a good investment.


Why are you complaining?

We build them so you don't have to!


i am not complaining about USA but about mankind in general: spending so much money on military that mankind could terraform and colonize Mars for that money


We could learn from the current situation... The B2 was originally built to counter the Soviet Union. When they collapsed, we scaled back, but were able to build the last 20 for a measly $550 million each!

But while we were blowing our money on defense, most of Europe was spending next to nothing and funneling their savings into social programs.

I remember how smugly Merkel looked at Trump when he told them they not to trust Russians and to spend more on defense...

Who was the fool?

@CSB quote?

"Captive Of Russia"

President Trump told NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg during a meeting in 2018 that the Western alliance, particularly Germany, is "totally controlled" by Russia through oil and gas deals. "We're supposed to protect you against Russia but they're paying billions of dollars to Russia?" Trump asked. "I think that's very inappropriate. And the former Chancellor of Germany is the head of the pipeline company that is supplying the gas!"

@CSB quote?

UN: Trump Warned Germany About Russian Energy, They Just Laughed

"Reliance on a single foreign supplier can leave a nation vulnerable to extortion and intimidation.

That is why we congratulate European states, such as Poland, for leading the construction of a Baltic pipeline so that nations are not dependent on Russia to meet their energy needs. Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course," Trump said.

@DotardTed ok, but it’s not exactly “ he told them they not to trust Russians”, but pipeline stuff

@CSB it’s not exactly...

You can't warn someone not to trust the Russians, if you don't give them a reason!

Germany, is "totally controlled" by Russia through oil and gas deals. "We're supposed to protect you against Russia but they're paying billions of dollars to Russia?" Trump asked.

How much more explicit do you need?

@CSB> exact phrase?!?

I know you hate Trump, but I hope you will listen to the video with an open mind. He wasn't trying to destroy NATO, he was trying to save it! Everything he predicted has come to pass and now RUSSIA HAS A GUN TO GERMANY'S HEAD.

Consider what would have happened if America wasn't there to upgrade the old weapons NATO donated to Ukraine? What if our massive inventory wasn't openly available? Shouldn't ALL of EU have to pay a fair share of their defense?


@CSB> 2% GDP for each NATO

I know Poland and the Baltic countries have been doing their share, Trump made a point of praising Poland in his UN speech.

NATO's 2006 'two percent' pledge became even more important after Russia's invasion in 2014. But by 2018, only four NATO member nations (Greece, Estonia, UK and Latvia) were at 2% or above. Germany and many other large countries were barely above 1%.

So NATO members decided to mock Trump, rather than pay attention to how MOST of America feels?

@DotardTed @CSB there are some indications Putin supported environmental movements opposing oil drilling and nuclear power...
It's funny how gas is found in the North Sea, the moment there are problems with Russia...

@CSB @DotardTed I've been saying for decades that if we (the global "we") reassigned all the energy and resources we've designated toward killing each other to space exploration, we'd be in Star Trek mode by now.

@Vox @CSB @DotardTed
“Jim, we have things out in the desert that are fifty (50) years beyond what you could possibly comprehend. If you have seen it on Star Wars or Star Trek, we’ve been there done that, or decided it was not worth the effort”
-Ben Rich, Dir of Lockheed's Skunkworks

Secret Space Program's gonna secret!

@CSB @DotardTed there's no money in terraforming mars. (By the way, NASA should start leaving some plants or something down there to start terraforming).
Might wanna figure out how it works and what it has to offer before turning it into what we're escaping. 😀
@epic @CSB @DotardTed If we want to escape to Mars, we need plants and preferably animals too...
Sounds a bit holistic, but we need our environment to thrive...
What if we then learn Mars can never be made livable and there's something in the atmosphere or under the ground that would save Earth?

They say they only send things completely devoid of contaminants, but how do they even know that they're honest or right?

Wokies are trying to make 'colonizer' a bad word. It never will be to me, but I think we should figure out what's there before we try to change something while having no idea what it is.
@epic @CSB @DotardTed Do you know, what you're looking for?
I can't think of anything. It's difficult looking for something, not knowing what it is.

Giant corporations are looking for precious metals.

What if there’s something there that is impossible or much harder to retrieve, mining or not, when there’s oxygen? What if the thing that is there is destroyed by the presence of oxygen? This is far before even contemplating putting any foreign DNA there.

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so. —Mark Twain

“It’s not what we know that’ll get us. It’s not what we know we don’t know that’ll get us. It’s what we don’t know we don’t know that’ll get us. —Dick Cheney (methinks)

@epic @CSB @DotardTed We know there could be a place to live, if earthly life survives over there. What could be more precious than that?

You have a place to live. Whatever you think is wrong with it would be easier to fix than making Mars livable. That’s what the wokies are trying do now, reduce the population by 15/16. They’ve already figured this out—the only problem is the 15/16 are getting restless about being cancelled one by one, hundred by hundred, political affiliation by political affiliation, etc..

What if Mars once had a dense atmosphere and stuff in that atmosphere that Earth could use to survive longer is now in the soil of Mars and it’s possible to extract those chemicals from the soil but not the atmosphere if you’ve put one there?

All I’m saying is we don’t know what’s there. We’ve looked at a few rocks on the surface and bored, what, six inches deep? It’s hardly time for terraforming something we’re completely ignorant of.

@epic @CSB @DotardTed our distant ancestors did the same on earth. That worked out fine.
We can launch and land on US soil and bomb anyone, anywhere on the globe. That's priceless kit when you gotta an empire to run.
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