meanwhile in Poland:

since Russia started invasion of Ukraine in February:

-- 5.2 million Ukrainian refugees entered Poland

-- 3.3 million Ukrainian refugees left Poland to go to other countries , so 1.9 million Ukrainian refugees stayed in Poland

before Russia war on Ukraine there was 1.4 million Ukrainians already - not refugees just economic migrants so it means there is now in Poland:

3.3 million Ukrainians

Poland is de facto now 2-nation country (not counting small German minority)

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@CSB And those Ukrainian refugees are almost all women and children, isn't that so? Since the Ukrainian government enslaved almost all the males and prohibited their departure from the war zone.

One would think, what with that large influx of women into Poland, you should be able to find a sexual partner.

@CSB seems like Poland needs to get their neighbors in check before they end up like the USA trying to build a fence. @CoffeeFingers

At least it’s a flow of ethnic Europeans and not some shit skin.


no such danger, because:

there is already Trump-inspired wall between Poland and Belarus to stop immigrants from Africa and Asia to whom Belarus grants visa-free entry to Belarus:

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