congrats to @MikeRiley on scoring cartoon in Dvorak's column on substack:

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@CSB was meant to be animated, but couldn’t get it finished thanks to BA2.21.

@CSB Yeah. This variant is mostly annoying. Like a mild cold, but with back aches.

How did I miss "Swan Boy"?! I'm intrigued.


Because it's new as animated

Very few cartoonists achieve breakthrough from static cartoons to animated

@CSB @MikeRiley Soooo GOOD, Soooo GREAT. 🙏 The more you look, the more treasure U find. The LGBTQ+ communist symbol! 🤣 🤣 🤣

@nessworks @CSB @MikeRiley They refer to themselves as progressives and they're too exhausted to educate you on why that wasn't real communism. Do the work and be a real ally! Sheesh. 🙃

@CSB I dig the creativity. I have been watching a lot of videos on ProCreate app too. An Ai episode on drawing hardware & software? Good Luck tomorrow! ITM 😉 🤟 👍

@CSB Yup! Today!! 🤟 I was getting sleepy .. it was probably already today 😉

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