you as experienced dude named ben:

what is your advice to people who are forced to do 2 heavy duty projects at the same time?

(I do only one but one colleague has to do 2 50% time each and he is depressed)

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@CSB @progo I am also a DnB...two projects sucks. Just tell project 1 that you're working project 2...and vice versa. That should get you a day or two of relief... :D

@cmchinni @CSB I might come back and add more later, but my immediate response would be:

Make sure supervisors know of the situation, especially if the employee in question feels overloaded. All things being equal, try to spend 1 day on one project and 1 day on the other, alternating. Do not work more than your average number of hours per week. You are unlikely to be rewarded for working free overtime.

Sometimes you can use one project as relief for the other, when you're stuck.

@progo @CSB I have been in this situation before. At one point I was a "fully dedicated employee" for 4 separate customers...each thought they were paying for my full time services for themselves only. Obviously I only saw a fraction of that income personally.

If your colleague is not able to have open communication with the PM for each project, then he has to go above their heads and make sure upper management knows that both projects will suffer.

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