USA vs UK: main difference (apart from having zero democracy in UK: president and senate are unelected by people in UK):

Annual salary of
Nurse in UK: £22,654 = $28,000

In USA: $75,000 = £60,400

Why there is this difference?

side effect of the pandemic:

many radio presenters, including anti-brexit giant James O’Brien, AND experts that are being interviewed

are working from home and:

- they sound sometimes like speaking from toilet because they don’t come to studio, particularly experts ; I’d recommend USB microphones that podcasters use

- have skype/voice-over-IP artifacts and interruptions: probably they had cheapest broadband at home; I’d recommend 1 gigabit/second at home that I have


rona outbreak: rumor has it grocery stores will be enforcing soon, in many countries, "no shopping for you if you don't have mask on your gob, slave!"

but where the quack should i get mask? N95 respirators are sold out everywhere online and in brick and mortar...

@yukiame have you applied for EU settlement status yet (as you don't have UK citizenship yet)?

if not this article might scare you shitless, read it!:

UK: if NHS (commie-like free for everybody health system) is so good

then why several Brits are organising crowd founders for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and masks?

why many NHS nurses complain on phone-ins that they have no PPE?

something is fishy here

USA: fun fact: blackcurrant juice is forbidden in USA but popular in UK and known in Europe.

Today I was outdoors to buy blackcurrant juice and I noticed people walking around with loo rolls aka TP and I followed them back to the source and I scored one package of TP today


my aim is to doodle cartoons so good that they will make other cartoonists cry when they look in the mirror

good = such that deeply move people

(I always marveled at doctors and nurses wanting to help those nasty apes called “humans” but it’s pathetic that nowadays even low-paid grocery shop workers risk their lives only that I can by my blueberries, French mineral water and TP - robots will replace them soon)

“ Instacart grocery delivery workers seek strike as jobs become riskier”

uncertainty is a doorway to infinity, it’s easy to fill that gap with fantasy

a crisis can heighten the opportunity to find meaning, to get clear about what matters most

Focus on the things you can control to cope with radical uncertainty

limit the number of tasks you’re working on at any given moment to 3, seeing them through to completion before embarking on others; and in times of high stress, to 1; for that moment, it’s the only goal you need to worry about accomplishing. Then repeat.

Other cartoonists: 1) creates sketch layer, 2) creates outline with pencil brush and many lines, 3) creates guidelines via circles or ovals (see attached image below as an example) 4) creates proper layer and traces over sketches layer with guidelines 5) removes sketching layer After several hours

Myself: just doodles final cartoon in 15 minutes max, no sketching no guidelines

Maybe I should change my craft And be like others?


Rumor has it Biden will be replaced as democratic candidate as his response to rona is perceived as extremely weak.

However I doubt Hillbot will be the replacement


Rona apart from:

difficulty breathing

... also can have another symptom: sniffing/runny nose.

So be careful, panic saves lives, ignore virus deniers!

Rumor has it Joe Biden is not doing any videos. It’s all deep fakes (videos generated with machine learning tech).

did they say "something licker"? licker of what?

33 minutes till live stream, and I expect following topics to be covered by my slavic bro Dvorak and @adam today:

- is Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt a couple again?

- is Angelina Jolie angry or chill?

- are Dvorak's ants still there in his house or they emigrated to Mexico?

- what is current Dvorak's favourite formula for meaty dish?

- what marijuana was AC smoking recently?

- what happened in Netherlands recently: possibly related to marijuana?

- Austin news


(main wisdom from today's periscope of Scott Adams)

"if you don't measure it, you are not managing it, you are just flailing it"

(just a satellite, no people on board, that's just pathetic that 20% of 21st century USA is using Russian rockets to bring American astronauts to space)

US Space Force launches first mission

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