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maybe I will revise my policy not to block people as some users of NAS are outright malicious to me:

kettlebell swings,

Who here on NAS, apart from me, @chris and Joe Rogan is fan of kettlebell swings?:



I’m glad that Netflix hired English actors as video game characters looked too much polish, too much Slavic as the video game Witcher is made in Poland,

And English actresses are more divergent:

Purebred English on left and half India half English on the right, compared to respective video game avatars of these characters:


witcher season 2:

Yay, silver sword action in this season coming (I like silver more than gold more than platinum):

(UK without Northern Ireland will be called what? GB?)

“Brexit has made a united Ireland possible, maybe inevitable”

Plot to movie that is coming in December 2021 has leaked and is slightly disappointing i must say, but still it can be enjoyable movie, read at your own responsibility:

euro cup soccer:

in Spain on the plain Spain played with Poland:

since dirty Sánchez took a nap, Poland equalized and end result with Spain: 1:1


(truck driver = next job to go extinct soon?)

“There are field trials running right now where one "driver" supervises the mostly automatic driving of 50 HGVs.”

HGV = Heavy Goods Vehicle

@CSB I am really enjoying this game. It's not a given win for Spain so far.
I ate karpatka.


fun fact: millions of people in UK never worked yet have houses and money from government, trick: have many children:

“Due to a teenage pregnancy my aunt married into a family who've always been like this, these days she has children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren (too young to work atm) — every generation a teenage pregnancy — who live on benefits rather than work. They have in-laws / families of parents of kids, who do exactly the same … generations never worked.”


Brits too posh to work in jobs like truck driver


too racist to allow EU citizens to emigrate to UK to do those jobs and anyways EU citizens can go visa-free to EU countries that PAY MORE MONEY THAN UK, see 2 (!) images:

euro cup soccer:

in Spain on the plain Spain plays with Poland:

The end, Poland beaten after 25 minutes,

Spaniards are cuddling each other out of joy:

euro cup soccer:

in Spain on the plain Spain plays with Poland:

Spaniards jumping on Poles, literally:

euro cup soccer:

in Spain on the plain Spain plays with Poland:

Jessica Alba also plays for Spain? Poland just can’t win:

euro cup soccer:

dirty Sánchez plays for Spain, so Poland has zero chances:

@CSB if it works I'm getting waxed right away. My allergy doctor offers only Moderna shots 🤔

Wow, Scott Adams now live

from EU

where he is on vacay:

just said that his allergies went away after second moderna vaccine shot!

Is it possible?


it boggles my mind all over again that Ireland is using euro currency, same currency as France, Netherlands, Finland, Slovakia,….etc.


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