FFS Leo again mentioned my slavic bro Dvorak JCD, he is praising him now - merely 5 minutes after start of this week in google

green tea is so incredibly healthy

I know polish guy who boozes like crazy but drinks a lot green tea and is healthy

the only problem with green tea: it tastes not well compared to black tea

how to solve this problem? how to make green tea tasty?

Windows weekly with Irish drunkard starting:

Leo arrived with 3 layers of masks:

Can we put together a back-up plan if the artgenerator is still down tomorrow?
My suggestion: We could post our (512x512) pieces under
on NAS.
Any other suggestions?
Please tag artists I missed in the comments.

@adam @Johncdvorak

@darrenoneill @MountainJay @CSB @lottaleen @ParkerP @NICKtheRAT @NetNed @shill @MikeRiley @Cesium137 @Kennyben @m00se @fletcher @showart

That’s exactly the question I’m asking myself during teleconferences:

Joe Rogan is an expert on everything, including sex life of extraterrestrial aliens:

@ProfWorr send this “bikers are cunty cunts” cartoon to Yuki - that little cunt blocked me so he will not see my toot:

Remember “jiggle the handle!” advice?

Now there is USB device that can do it for you:

cloud laboring:

quote from conference call with North Carolina that I just had:

"oh no, not Ohio, create those instances in North Virginia!"

😂 🤦‍♂️ 👇

--- visualisation:

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