my new :

"fantasy of anti-vaxxers"

[ underinformed? see informative cartoons here: ]


(🤔 👨‍🎨👇 how to squeeze cartoon out of this? Cartoon ideas?)

“I like mushrooms!”

“Look, there is fungus among us!!!”

(another sign of mental retardation: calling strangers, who you speak the first time in life, "my friend")

"... well, my friend..."

"STOP calling me your friend"

my new :

"everybody was alcoholizing"

[ underinformed? see informative cartoons here: ]


@CSB It's @HLC , kindly showing Jitsi-ers episode after episode of cheesy cop show "Acapulco Heat".

if you see @GWFF tell him I was searching for him

And that he could answer my telegram chat to him

: who is “AH”? He uses the no agenda jitsi channel to stream TV shows :

Today, visitors to my bloggo (link in profile) come from these countries:

I and I've learned geography: Dominica and Dominican Republic are separate countries:

(to be covered in next episode of podcast spoken by @GWFF coming on Monday or tomorrow)

"A horrifying new AI app swaps women into porn videos with a click

Deepfake researchers have long feared the day this would arrive."


(private space flight with SpaceX much more fun than Amazon rocket and than Virgin Galactic rocket because: FUCKING GLASS DOME)

"Unlike Crew Dragon flights for government astronauts, who trek to the International Space Station, the Inspiration4’s spacecraft came equipped with a glass dome installed where Crew Dragon’s docking door would normally be"


Leo today in black in his weekend radio show (not podcast) “Tech guy” :

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