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Here nice cartoon about alternative universes:

(I wish I came up with it - good ideas important in cartoons and it’s my weakness, if you have ideas for cartoons please send me direct message /DM with it!)


@adam did you mention today on NA back-propagation problem in neural networks of machine learning or was I hallucinating? If yes can you provide more info or link as I can’t find it in shownotes ?

@GummyNerds yes, you might need them, huge changes ahead

in the morning shitizens

tomorrow another episode of No Agenda

are you ready? have you donated? what do you expect?

and stay woke!

@adam this is public toot


- the guy claims the war with Korea not available any longer

maybe time to call your Uncle for help?

@tlhall ok, citizen, stay woke in the morning!

in the morning shitizens,

don't be slave to technology but please master tech to be your servant, a tool, extension of you,

and stay woke!

@Dadud but is your fingerprinted reader working with wet fingers too? (wet fingers don't work in Apple's one)