(isn’t it cunty behavior?)

“His leveling up secretary and former Brexit
ally Mr Gove also told him his time is up - but
was then fired by phone and branded a ‘snake’ “


Joe a Rogan teaching billionaire how to use dynamic microphone (billionaire should have hired @bandrew before that interview):

That’s why some podcasts must be listened to via video, playback of video in video, audio podcast can’t do it:

Joe Rogan scored bigly in latest episode: tech billionaire, that could be most interesting episode of 2022:

(friend who offers you only words not actions ain’t a friend)

“I am very
cautious of
people whose
actions don't
match their

fun fact about Google Home smart speakers:

if you say "play no agenda" then it refuses if child controls are not enabled on given speaker as it is considered by Google an adult content

but say "OK google, play no agenda global radio on tune in" and it plays live stream immediately, no matter what is currently on live stream

(there is no other reality, no multiverse,
, that’s all that is)

"You and I are of a kind. In a different reality, I could have called you friend."

Kudos to Grace for saying what many are thinking:

Natalie Portman fucked up her role in Thor 4 movie, so female Thor === lame Thor:


Then I have no choice but to go to cinema and see this stupid Thor 4 movie in cinema this week:

Fuck off Max Kaiser, I am unsubscribing:

he’s now only narrow minded: 1) bitcoin is the only good crypto, 2) pro El Salvador propaganda because they live there

And zero about non-bitcoin crypto and about NFTs etc:

@CSB In 2002 I suffered a brain injury, and couldn't walk. I wasn't paralyzed but lost almost all functional control of my legs. They said it was permanent.

Almost 20 years later, I've run 54 half-marathons, 1st one in 2007, 5 years after the "permanent" injury.

So: Don't take shit for granted. It might be gone tomorrow.

Embrace the work. It's worth it.

@CSB Just do it!
Mind over matter, You gotta hit your goals!

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