another sign Melania’s hubby will be beaten by Irishman Bo Jiden:

corporations hurry up with buying Companies because are afraid that after Irishman will become President in November, then these acquisitions will be denied

e.g. Uber bought delivery service Postmates

Scott Adams said today in his podcast /periscope:

toppling statues is a Marxist plot

and I think it’s true because

statue of Lenin in Seattle still stands

(they're bashing Irish-American bo jiden now, not knowing that he will beat Melania's hubby in November 2020)

I'm listening live to @darrenoneill , BenRose and rodent: .

(they're talking about slavery now; I wonder if they know that the word "slave" comes frOm the word "Slav" because Roman Empire was enslaving Slavs and hence named it so)

I'm listening live to @darrenoneill , BenRose and rodent: .

(great tip from BenRose: website as gateway to youtube but without ads)

I'm listening live to @darrenoneill , BenRose and rodent: .

(rodent's youtube channel is demonetized! but is he accepting donations?🤔 the plot thickens...)

I'm listening live to @darrenoneill , BenRose and rodent: .

(GOOD talk about windows! i disagree thought that new edge is bad)

I'm listening live to @darrenoneill , BenRose and rodent: .

Dear reader of this toot,

you are beautiful and intelligent, it’s cool to be you👍


“Compliment people. Sometimes you will say something really small and simple, but it will fit right into an empty space in someone’s heart.”


I’ve just realized my .ai website is vaporware because I didn’t launch it yet

I’m such a loser

So practically speaking

to avoid being accused of RAYCISM

I can’t criticize anybody except for Slavs because I am Slav myself, right?

Not even Austrians?

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