UK: "no deal scenario" is a default option that happens automatically if nothing will be voted against it

and since there is no majority in parliament for any other option

I am hereby predicting with 66% certainty that UK is leaving EU at the end of March 2019 with no-deal.

Theresa May is useless: she brought today totally nothing new despite being obliged to bring Plan B.

Her Plan B = her Plan A.

She has contradictory redlines so no progress is possible.

My prediction regarding Brexit now: UK is leaving without deal as planned end of March 2019.

It will be economic clustefuck for UK and might spawn global recession.

Brexit: so the retarded incompetent Theresa May will announce today around 3PM UK time her Plan B

Rumor has it that she wants to rewrite agreement with Ireland just to keep Tory party together despite Ireland and EU27 rejecting it

Level of mental tardiness of Theresa May is yuge: she doesn’t listen just tries to reconcile her own red lines that are contradicting each other

And her hostile immigration environment causes racism where even Welsh are attacked for speak Welsh.

UK: by Monday 21 January Theresa May has to present Plan B for Brexit as her exit deal was rejected.

Any guesses what her Plan B will be?

what a great movie: in this movie all world leaders are alien reptilians (pity it's not available in all countries yet)



Dvorak was wrong about 5G too?:

‪5G will have an enormous impact on the world‬

sincerely speaking I am missing times when was about personal stories mostly, not about playing audio clips.

nowadays 99% of No Agenda (apart from donation segments and jingles) are just audio clips.

the best podcasts are about personal stories and joys and tribulations of co-hosts...

something is fishy: risk of no deal increased due to impasse so pound should be sinking in relation to dollar - GBPUSD - but pound is rising


My new :

“IE pain”

(inspired by mshoe from twitter)


my new :

“concise Windows advice”

( inspired by Mary Jo Foley )


how to defy future

if some claim that future is already written?

Theresa May lost yesterday with 230 votes

yet still she refuses to step down

she refused to ring fence rights of EU citizens in UK at beginning of her premiership while other cabinet members, including brexiters, were for it

she created windrush hostile environment for immigrants while she was home secretary

she is just evil, mentally retarded, incompetent person

today Corbyn will fail in no confidence vote because Tories wanna keep jobs

when will Theresa May finally be removed as PM?

UK: today is D-day for T-May

Will her deal win?
Will commie Corbyn submit no confidence?
Will reptiles help her?

so, what do you think: will Theresa May's exit deal will win voting tomorrow?

if not chaos bigly will ensue

cartoon ideas are welcome

no religion please though

Brexit the uncivil war movie:

all in all I'm pissed off: it whitewashes leave side, it doesn't expose all the criminal acts and lies

And just says that brexit was won because Dominic Cummings was genius

will that movie (Brexit the uncivil war) affect Brexit?

yes, it's possible but only if second referendum will be called - what is very unlikely

otherwise UK is leaving EU with hard Brexit

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