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Fun fact: I follow and answer questions only to those who follow me.

If you unfollow me, then I unfollow you.

If you don’t follow me, I don’t answer your questions.

Same on twitter where I’m at the same amazing 3-letter handle “CSB”: .

Rationale: reciprocity.


Picard season 2:

My guess is that they time travel to timeline where :

Humans meet Vulcans later or not at all

Humans meet Borg other time than in classical timeline as pictured in this painting :

Slavs are genetically more fit to play tennis ?

There is disproportionate number of Slavs in both female and male tennis and not just in Slavic countries but also Slavic immigrants to other countries!

Latest example: Russian-American player has beaten in Australia Open a Black-Japanese American player :

Yay, finally some good or at least better is coming :

Star Trek Picard season 2 that will have:

— Q is back

— Whoopi Goldberg is back

— Picard and his crew (Latino captain, AI expert lady, etc) time-travel to 2024

— similar vibe like old Star Trek movie where they time-traveled to save the whales but bigger stakes that change timeline

— something about Borg, probably changing timeline so that Earth is occupied by Borg:

Today my boostagram has spawned little nice chat about @TheKeeper , his highness @GWFF also mentioned:

@CSB Russia is threatening to push back in crypto. If they do, it will dip before it rises. The rise will definitely surpass current standings, according to the cycle data.
I'm still HODL for bit and eth. I'm buying alts right now. According to the cycles, the alts will rise first.

Also important- The American stock market is showing signs of heading toward a big dip. That will empower all crypto shortly after.

in another dip: $38k

should i buy no0w or should i wait for even bigger dip?:


do you have instagram or something like that to observe your activities during demonstrations?

UNRELENTING #12: Biden Phone

@Genen and I recorded a show. We'd be much obliged if you listened. Please and thank you.

meanwhile in Poland:

new USA ambassador to Poland, in attached pic seen swearing to Kamala, has arrived to Poland to take his new job

he is exactly like Dvorak: 50% Czech 50% Polish

and he even had to use legal trick: he took Czech citizenship and given up Polish citizenship because Polish citizen can't be ambassador of foreign country to Poland,

his sis is Mika who works for CNBC:

this multi-millionaire youtuber cracks me up,

he puts six pack abs and finding wife in the spreadsheet and steps how he wants to achieve stuff:

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