@CSB oops. That's the wonderful Rosemary Orchard, the new host of iOS Today. On that show only we add lower-thirds in the edit.

Me after drinking Evian (for some unclear reason no other mineral water tastes well for me and I tried everything):

Fun fact: trucks and cars from Ireland are avoiding UK altogether now and swim in ferries directly to France:

I’m such a loser:

my main achievement today: crates of Evian mineral water ordered and delivered, here is a photo of me carrying those crates:

No lower third with name of podcaster:

is it result of belt-tightening measures at TWiT LLC? Cost cuts?


“we’ve now asked John C. Dvorak on the show”

— audio snippet from Grumpy Old Bens potcast of @darrenoneill and @SirBemrose :

yes, I eat bugs:

shrimps, Made in Netherlands (in reality caught by Dutch ships in north west Atlantic Ocean, probably near Canada), just bought some:

Cloud tech:

Looks like “serverless” and AWS are top 2 cloud skills in job market:

I don’t know what she looks like because she couldn’t be bothered to figure out how Microsoft Teams works. 🙄

Podcasting 2.0 for January 15th 2021 Episode 20: Mapping the Road -- Adam & Dave unveil the next step in Value 4 Value streaming payments for all podcast apps, with an appropriate amount of pre-education l.curry.com/fna

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose

Darren, that’s correct: if you will get my Slavic bro on your podcast for at least one hour I’ll transfer you 0.0033 bitcoin after that episode ends, no matter the price at that day, bitcoin in my Coinbase wallet is waiting for you:

(well, Joe Rogan at least achieved exit strategy and is now milking Spotify for big bucks 😂)

Spotify's big bet on podcasts is failing, Citi says

cnb.cx/2LqZcWT .

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