Last week during 3-day biz trip

Kilkenny beer I was drinking

while rejecting Guiness

Anybody here on NAS
who also is fan of

(so debate time is middle of night eurotrash time! I’ll 😴 then )

“ The first debate will be held at 9 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, and is hosted by Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic, in the battleground state of Ohio. “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace will moderate.”

“ We're All In This Together”

— one of the biggest lies ever told.

Yay, virtual Linux for iPhone + iPad updated!

Get it here via Apple’s TestFlight QUICKLY as it’s limited, If you own iPhone or iPad!: .


... and here we go again, “London meetup” is merely a zoom teleconference call:


What’s the difference between

“London Online Meetup”


„Online Meetup”

considering speakers are physically in USA?

Some companies are retarded:

@MountainJay noice, but no seaside

Fun fact: Pomeranian originates from Pomerania = region near seaside, literally meaning “near sea”

So I like sea

@CSB, definitely! I took this last week in western Colorado. :) (The Colorado River is in the background.)

That certainly is a beautiful scene you tooted though! 😍

Americans, do you have landscapes that can compete in beauty with EU’s landscapes like this?:

(pills! only vitamin D pills can help you)

"The reality is that in many parts of the United States, even in the best conditions, the amount of vitamin D made from sunlight exposure from November to February is small"

(damn, taxes in USA are low!)

"American household earning about $75,000 in 2016... paid about $14,000 in federal income taxes"

Price of KN95 masks dropped so much that wearing surgical masks or others non-KN95 non-N95 is stupid

When I’m shopping i just hunt for:

- Swiss cheese and Swiss iced coffee

- cheap KN95 masks: last catch : 10 KN95 for 10 euros

- fish from Norway

my slave bracelet (Apple Watch) thinks I should move more, should I obey?


Well YouTube removed my video. I will fight it. It was a good episode. Fucking YouTube.

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@PhoneBoy BTW: I do use sleep tracking in my series 5 Apple Watch despite the need to use sleep schedule, I think it’s useful

I reckon you don’t?

@CSB Depends on your expectations.

If you expect to make enough to cover your costs (assuming you're not spending NPR money) and if you're half way decent, then maybe you can do that on a value-for-value model.

If you expect to make enough money to live off podcasting, you have a better chance of hitting the lottery unless you're already massively famous. Not saying it's impossible, but highly unlikely.

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