I have a couple questions about BitCoin wallets:
(1) What are the top two or three wallets available through the F-Droid store
(2) is there any reason NOT to use Electrum on Linux/Windows/macOS?

@CMike I’m such a nub, I use BlockFi. Curious to hear what folks have to say.

@CMike Samourai wallet, BlueWallet, Blockstream Green, Zeus (for lightning).

@john I have heard of BlueWallet; I want to say @adam was using that (or was it @SirSpencer?). I didn't realize it was available on F-Droid. Checking it out now.


Just mirror the Bitcoin blockchain on a real computer?

Run on a dummy wallet. Shoehorn a legit wallet in only whenya need to move some crypto?

Perhaps use a secure dedicated machine "exclusively for blockchain" only? Or at least a little Raspberry PI?

I've never used a sketchy web-exchange for crypto, nor a crypto app (I do not trust the manufacturer/provider collusion spyware) *B33P* *B00P*


Electrum relies on third party servers to interact with the blockchain, you have to trust them somewhat in that they could collude to hide transactions from you and potentially defraud you (unlikely, as there are many of them and I’m not actually sure what a practical attack would look like) and they could surveil you somewhat (likely, tbh).

You can run a pruned bitcoin core node in <5Gb and have full validation of the blockchain.

@CMike that was obviously a response to #2, pleroma ate my formatting heh

@CMike You shouldn't run anything on Windows. That used to be kind of a joke, but unless you are on a system admin level, Windows, and for that matter Android, are both hard to get right. Linux is fairly easy to secure, but I still haven't found a 100% open source multi-coin wallet. Lots are advertised as such, but go try and find source code you can compile. Guarda is the software wallet I use, and Electrum looks good for BTC, but I would recommend hardware wallets to most folks.

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