Do I really need to buy a new copy of Windows because my Lenovo system restore installs a version of Windows (build 1511) that is too old to upgrade???

I know folks who are getting text messages from the Mike Bloomberg campaign and the basic reaction is “wtf?”. Can’t the sender and campaign be compelled to disclose how the receiver’s phone number was obtained?

So now instead of having three different ways to refer to a version of Android, we only have two. This is an improvement. Perhaps when Google switches over to Fuchsia they will simply go by the API version number and ditch semantic versioning as well.

Gotta love the No Agenda Troll Room: asked @adam if it's too late to request job finding karma -- 22 years a programmer and can't seem to get an interview right now. One of the trolls replies "Learn to mine coal!" Gotta admit that's funny...

My ideal email service: the ability to reply as any address in the domains I own (like FastMail supports), excellent end-to-end encryption including zero-knowledge at-rest encryption like ProtonMail supports, and excellend desktop tooling like Outlook supports.

Maybe Outlook+PGP connected to FastMail is the only answer here...

Date: 02/02/2020

Chiefs just won their 2nd Super Bowl

49ers just lost their 2nd Super Bowl

Andy Reid just won his 222nd game as head coach

And the streets of San Francisco are covered in #2.


Someone just texted me about an earthquake between Jamaica and Cuba... are the Clintons looking to build hotels in Cuba?

@adam Not all apps with this unfurling "feature" allow you to turn it off; I use Signal and Wire, both of which let the user to disallow this behaviour.

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@adam Regarding being infected on WhatsApp without clicking on malware: a lot of apps have an "unfurling" process reads the content of a file that comes across to display a thumbnail or a screenshot in the case of a link. This unfurling action is a well-known way to get info like one's IP address without them taking any action; the very act of reading an MP4 file to generate/get a thumbnail for the video can be enough to initiate infection.

“If you get the corona virus, get the patented one, not the Chinese knock-off.” — @adam on NA 1210

You just can't argue with a well reasoned, well developed academic research paper.


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