@sobr Nice that I can buy wine at a Costco in Alabama, but no vodka? It’s better than Kansas but worse than Missouri.

Did Sir Atomic Rod or anyone else correct @Johncdvorak when he incorrectly asserted that no nuclear plants have been built and gone online in the US in the last 30 years?

Departing for Mobile, Alabama, in about an hour on a family vacation with all 18 kids. Or is it 58 now? They certainly pack a van, that's for sure.

Does anyone have a link to the full audio or video of the Rogan interview with Gupta? DM me please.

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Why is this clip about 12 to 17 year olds getting myocarditis from the jab not being passed around MORE than "I can buy people medicine, mother****er!" clipe?

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I have a couple questions about BitCoin wallets:
(1) What are the top two or three wallets available through the F-Droid store
(2) is there any reason NOT to use Electrum on Linux/Windows/macOS?

Did I just see someone showing a "No Agenda Podcast" sign at the Sunday Night Football game? @jahnsidvorak @Johncdvorak

"I would be willing to kill or die for this little one" is such a common reaction I've heard from men upon seeing their first-born for the first time. Do the NWO programmers really want to test that sentiment?

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"An Idaho doctor reported being threatened after she refused to prescribe a patient ivermectin, an anti-parasite drug that had been used in experimental COVID treatment."

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they lead with that example, not the literal kidnapping of infants at Long Island neonatal units where hospitals are refusing to give the baby back to unvaxxed parents.


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