I'm the sole provider for my wife, son and baby on the way. I am currently working in the best job I've ever had. Unfortunately my company is implementing a vaccine mandate. I will be refusing to take the shot and loosing my job because of it
I am afraid of not being able to provide for my family. I'm saddened at the loss of a job I worked very hard to get. I am angry at this usurper we have in the white house.
I will not comply.

Just a thought here, Walmart is rolling out it's new paid college tuition for it's employees... Have enrolments dropped so low that Walmart is being paid to step in and funnel money back into the university system? @adam

Adam, I grew up in the hill country, when you get rid of the ants, you get scorpions. That's just the way it is. @adam

All it took was one plandemic to transform the state of Florida from America's weenie to America's big fat glorious cock.

Could not show proof of isolated virus...... I'm more and more convinced each day that "COVID" is just the flu.


My sister is a nurse at a local hospital here in Ft Worth. She just got notice that she has one month to get vaccinated or she's fired. She is planning on suing the hospital.

Just a shower thought on a chain of events here...
Fauci becomes the head of the NIH during the AIDS epidemic

Researchers discover:
HIV is a virus that can lead to aids.
AIDS kills the immune system.

30 years of researching HIV and AIDS goes by

Covid 19 happens

A vaccine appears that works differently than any other vaccine before.

Vaccinated people experience a wide range of side effects and have compromised immune systems.

A booster shot replaces their immune system. @adamcurry

@adam have you noticed the adds Facebook is running to excuse their horrible behavior as a way to "boost small business" are very Dr. Seuss like?

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