If masculinity was toxic, then why are fatherless homes statistically so much worse off? Masculinity is NOT toxic, it’s the absence of masculinity that is.

Wtf how did she ever get elected

Watch "Diane Abbott DESTROYED By Simple Question in Newest, WORST Car Crash Interview EVER!" on YouTube

NHS Nurses tell high risk expectant mother that they WILL be P C R Testing the baby once born, that the baby isn't "The mothers property" once out of the abdomen & that the Safeguarding team (Social Services) are being notified because of their refusal.

"Over 55,000 pregnant people in England & Scotland have had the vaccine. "

OK, so how many of them were men? Asking for a friend

Italia: Police officers are joining protesters in Italy.

Forgot to mention fatigue or can't be arsed another thing I have noticed...

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UK- is it just me or are there a lot of ppl with various chest ailments around. My colleagues have chest problems, when I'm out and about I hear lots of coughs and sneezes. I hear a lot of excuses as to why they are a little poorly none of which include the vaccine which at the moment I would say 99% of ppl I know and more worryingly my children know have had the jab. Currently we haven't, not sure how long we can hold out but hanging on in there..


One of only 3 decent non-racist brits born in England I know of, and a hero of 2021:

So while processing the NHS England Covid deaths data I got the impression that the demographic of those dying recently was changing.

I thought i'd do a new pie chart to compare the ratios of deaths for each cohort overall to those from 1st June 2021 to 22nd July.

A sudden increase in those under 40 from 8% to 18% ?!?!

So is this visible shift as a result of the vaccines? UK started vaccinating 40's and under only recently.

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