I saw this on Instagram and it had a content warning making sure I wanted to see it...

...yes Instagram, I want to see the tyrants swing.

@Burnt well, I'd love to see them swing too, but realistically speaking, since the entire Nuremberg trials thing was pretty much a shitshow meant to make the public shut up.... I'm still kinda waiting to see them tyrants swing. Just saying

@Burnt I want the minion Quislings and boot lickers to go first, kind of build up to the big uns.


I pray for it every night now. I used to pray that the evil be exposed. I've had to switch it up recently and pray for justice

@Burnt I dunno…I’m kinda partial to the guillotine, or a firing squad (then again, given the cost of ammo, maybe not). There’s lots of effective ways to exact retribution.

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