Georgia Fulton County Missing Transfer Forms And 92 Legislators Want Nationwide Forensic Audit. via @YouTube

HUGE Claim! FBI Agents Might Be Cooperating With Durham! SPILLING THE BEANS On Hillary's CREW. via @YouTube

About Mass Psychosis, Hypnosis.
Does any of this resonates with your experience?
Keep talking.
Communication is the only antidote for the hypnotic trance as explained in the 3rd group of Mass Formation (mass hypnosis, mass hysteria)

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Plenty of high income individuals are willing to be fired rather than take the vaxx.

I wonder why that is. 🤔

Presser going on right now!
LIVE: Audit Report Released To AZ Senate in Phoenix, AZ 9/24/21

Here's a video Truthstream produced in 2019.
The Build Back Better program, worldwide, is the Trojan horse they are using to bring this about.

Those subversives working in the Biden spectacle wouldn't have a chance with Trump. (short)

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Very thorough review of this obvious conspiracy (not a theory) to collude with the Dems to remove DJT.
(a bit long but ok at 1.25X 😃)

New Proof Emerges About the Hunter Biden Laptop: a Definitive Account of the CIA/Media Fraud

Doing what they do best... DECEIVE!
(but, it's not working very well anymore)

We are being ruled by lies!
For years and years.
That will not be possible with an AWAKENED citizenry.

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According to the new definition -- "A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases." -- I don't see how a cocktail of C, D, Zinc, etc. isn't a vaccine. Therefore, I can now LEGALLY say I'm vaccinated.

The Double Speak is clearly visible.
The battle for our mind is relentless.
Our integrity as American citizens is being tested.
I believe are ready for it.
WE will NOT succumb!

The propaganda is becoming so visible we can see clearly now... 🎵
Antifa SHOOT Trump Supporter In Olympia Washington. Just As The Media Calls GOP "AMERICAN TALIBAN" via @YouTube

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[Quote RT Glenn Greenwald :verified: @ggreenwald]
[RT @michaelbd]

Just to emphasize this: Joe Rogan didn’t take a horse dewormer and neither did the 90 thousand people or so who were prescribed it by doctors in the last week of August.

Saying he did doesn’t damage Tucker Carlson or Alex Berenson; the opposite in fact.

Joe Rogan's episode demonstrates Big Pharma is not about our Health (Yeah, yeah... as if we didn't know).
It's all about profit and you don't matter... well, not really, they care about you only as much as a rancher would be concerned about his livestock, so it's not so strange they keep referring to an EFFECTIVE drug for humans as a "horse dewormer", and the whole complicit MSM conveniently "forgetting" that there's a version for humans.

Good news!
Parents Go Off at School Board Meeting After Marxist Teacher Exposed by Project Veritas via

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