There's an interesting situation going on today regarding aspirin. This morning I saw a report that aspirin helped guard against bad outcomes with Covid19.

Then later today I started seeing lots of news articles telling people not to take aspirin for heart health. Low dose aspirin has been recommended for years, they even market it for that use specifically.

But suddenly we need to stop taking aspirin, just as it is reported to be beneficial to Covid19 patients?

See what I mean here:

@Bumbleberry the same people saying the world is overpopulated are telling us what “the science” is.

@[email protected] who are these experts they suddenly dug up after having told us for decades about asprin's benefits?

@thisisthebreath @Bumbleberry

Who would have thought that to beat the greatest evil the world has ever known, along with a small amount of wide spread intestinal fortitude, would be vitamin D, C, Zinc and aspirin.

These fucking people need to burn.

@Bumbleberry White Supremacists Are Taking HORSE ASPIRIN In Misinformed Bid To Cure COVID
@Bumbleberry so it's bothering me a little bit that you seem to just be beginning to notice this now

what's happening is that the left, liberal people have gone totally off the deep end. They've embraced the ideas that are antithetical to the old western society and been totally consumed by hatred for it. They see everything that has been traditionally known as good and wholesome as evil and horrible. They think the advance of science is causing a population explosion and that the only net effect of a population increase is an increase in suffering.

The social justice ideology demands its adherents constantly be fighting evil in every aspect of life, no matter how small. So these people truly and honestly believe that NOT taking every single possible opportunity to hurt whites, to damage western society, to sow racism, and to reduce the world population as much as possible to prevent overpopulation, starvation, and crowding.

Basically it's what you got when you told the stupidest retards in society that the worst thing they could EVER do is have a child accidentally and it will RUIN their lives, and to constantly beat into them that all stray animals must be spayed and neutered for their own good.

@Bumbleberry This isn’t new, last year before the vax came out doctors were telling non-hospitalized people with Covid to take low dose aspirin along with vitamin C. I guess now that it’s an alternative to the recommended drugs it’s time to shut it all down.

Aspirin is a Miracle Wonder Drug and they know it...

Thats how/why they came up with the low Dose Bull Shit decades ago...

aspirin causes internal bleeding and hasn't shown significant benefit for people who haven't already had heart attack / stroke
(and this is not new; starting from 2008, relevant studies with >10k subjects performed independently in multiple countries showing no benefit

@shmibs @Bumbleberry

I just heard from my Cardiologist last week that Asprin is not recommended, by her, for people under 55 as a general rule as there is littel benefit, so yea. I wouldn't just start taking asprin as a profilactic. I also wouldn't take Ivermetcin as a profilactic if i was in relatively good health, had no comorbidities, and if you are under 50. Just live healthy and don't be stupid.

@shmibs @Bumbleberry

About the being stupid part. The vax isn't making people more sisceptible to dying to COVID, IMO. I also don't think it does much for people who are in the at-risk groups. What it is doing, however, is making people in the at risk groups take risks that they normally wouldn't. The invincibility syndrom is killing these people more than the vax and it's direct effects on the immune system. The vax destroys common sense more than it destroys the CD8+ T-cells.

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