@Brycicle Great . You can get further now !

Patience and more kids !

@Murray_N @Brycicle

Counter to freedom just got reset to 21 ... years :) Enjoy it :)

@Brycicle You can't just scratch the name off the bracelet and claim it. That's not how this works!

Congratulations! It's cute!

@Brycicle Congratulations!! Parenthood is literally the best.

@Brycicle Aww, congratulations! 💜 What a healthy, happy looking human resource. Parenthood is a great adventure. TYFYC!


Best and toughest job I ever had. God bless your whole family!

@Brycicle congratulations! You now have a human resource of your own!

@Brycicle Congratulations!!! Your life will never be the same. 💙


Congrats!!! 🎈 Beautiful baby you have there...💕

@Brycicle Aaaaaawwwww! Congratulations! What an absolutely gorgeous baby! Perfection! I'm melted! Enjoy! Precious gift!

@Brycicle Did you ever think your heart could be so full?

@Brycicle beautiful. Please read everything on childhood vax if you already havent.

@BirdieLovvorn what resources do you recommend? I’ve been reading How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor so far

@Brycicle start with childrens defense network (RFK JR) and del bigtrees highwire. You can find tons of resources. Our family buried a 8 week old in 2014 of “unknown” causes so i went digging. Its the most important decision you can make for your kids.♥️♥️♥️

@Brycicle -- congratulations! What a beautiful human resource you've helped create!! 😍🎉

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