There is no mystery. People are quitting their jobs because of covid regulations and vaccine mandates.

Acting like it's some other reason is just blowing smoke up our asses because the MSM doesn't want to admit how bad all of these policies have been.

If you eat hot cereal, it has to be:

Currently holding my newborn son and watching anime on a Saturday morning

There is an Anti-Mandate Rally today in San Jose at the corner of Stevens Creek and Winchester Blvd from 4 to 6 PM. We have extra signs. The fight is not over. Can’t give them one inch. Please boost to boost attendance. Thanks

Here is a tweet thread of a dude sharing what it is like working remotely for a woke big tech company during covid.

It hurts for my wife to laugh because of the C section, so we’re watching Friends

Moms are the best. I just slept ten and a half hours, and I feel human again.

Wonder if the covid cult is filling the void gradually opened by America’s shift away from a monotheistic culture by providing a higher purpose and morality where otherwise religion would have in the culture

Anytime someone says a study is “proving” something instead of “suggesting” it, my red flag goes up

@SirSpencer @Mesooohahny funny you mention that...

After reading this ^ and getting this latest round myself after having had covid in Jan 2020 and been repeatedly exposed since then without getting sick... Just seems like something is different this go around.

I've stated my argument against single payer medical in the USA before, I had no idea it would be repeated by the supreme court:

"the government is paying for the medical services so they have the right to dictate details of those services"

Screw that I dont want my government having this kind of control.

Get the government out of healthcare not more into it!!!

OK I'm back in a bad mood again regarding a lack of resources to quickly find companies woke transgressions. Going to pick up where I left off on a wiki like website to keep track and grade companies on a woke scale.

Hoping the user experience is like this:

Is Walmart woke?

Go to website, its home has a search bar, type in Walmart

Walmarts page has a score at the top, is backed up by links for all transgressions.

User uses this info to make informed decisions on where to shop.

I find myself searching for a new domain registrar. What do dudes named Ben out there use?

My current one has been declining in usefulness for a while, and they just raised rates for "domain privacy" to nearly $20/domain or they'll publicly dox my home address.

The only feature I need is domain registration. I just need to direct lookups to my own DNS server. I don't need email or web hosting or automatic spambots or whatever else registrars offer these days.

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