I’m all in on depopulation to be honest. Only if I’m on the death panels though.

Eat yourself some fried gator. It’s really good

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I had a friend report to me that on Chicago Metra trains, he didn’t have to wear a face diaper.

Have never really made a sports post here but where my Blackhawks and really talented broadcaster fans at? For you NA people, he had this thing where if there was a stoppage at 3:33 left in the third period, (happened more often than you’d think) he’d mimick some accent, “TURDY TREE LEFT IN THE TURD” and if that isn’t code idk what is.

Some guy saw me with my Kaczynski hoody on the other day and ultimately his punchline is, “you’re not normal are you?” No sir I am not.

I’m naming my band “Variant of Concern” because it isn’t real.

I need meetup help. I’m in metro Chicago. Every bar has staffing issues. Tthese meetups are generating 30 people or more sometimes it seems so I want to make sure we have a good venue. We have the numbers but I want to avoid the city because the city sucks and suburbanites have issues (parking, masks on trains etc) I live in Aurora. We have good spots but like I said, the staffing is terrible. Any Chicagoland/Fox Valley people here on NASocial that wanna help facilitate a meetup group?

Carvana uses “techno wizardry” to determine the value of your automobile

Relistening to 1306

“No Agenda, as good as a coin flip” (about being right all the time)

Might go in my fantasy NA funnies episode I'm gunna do

Buy Industrial Society and Its Future on audiobook for 13 bucks from iTunes...or listen to the Grimerica Show just read for it free. Apple gave me this result while looking at audiobooks.

C’mon man, think of the bottom line I was probably gunna buy it

Bought a Cattle Decapitation t-shirt at the concert last night.

Got my first pair of free earplugs at a concert today courtesy of @Johncdvorak

Alright we need to get Adam on Jay Cutler’s podcast. Adam would do great and I’m pretty sure they’d get along.

So to try and stick it to youtube I let a Rand Paul ad play in its entirety and in the last 10 seconds he hits me with “chip in.”

C’mon man

There’s some sportscasters too talented to fire. This a compilation of “pissed off” broadcasters. If you’re a sports fan, this a fun watch


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