Does anyone know of a lush, green area in Utah that might be a nice place to live? My wife and I are shopping for a new state. We like the idea of Utah, but not sure if we'd want to live in a "desert-looking" area.

Utah Gov. declares new state of emergency

Statewide mask mandate

Businesses that do not enforce will be subject to fines

You are not allowed to gather with people outside your household for 2 weeks

Organizers of social gatherings could be fined $10,000 #Utah

Full-List of bots:

According to Lester on NBC, we should wear masks as a "symbol of unity"

Does anyone know where I can find the NA jingle with "Sleepy Joe" being repeated by the little kid?

My current gambit is I’m cheering and telling people that since Biden got elected- COVID was gone or is going. “Thank God Biden is in office- COVID is GONE!” They can’t really process how to respond (because they haven’t been programmed to.....yet).

@jennifer, the last time I voted was for Obama in 2008, and I teared up when he was inaugurated. 🥴 But then within a couple months I knew I’d made a horrible mistake!!!

AC, JCD, and the whole NA tribe have definitely been an important part my recovery from Dimensh B disorientation.

Welcome @ktn !

While I still participate on the bird site, NAS is the better place to be for sure. :)


Our NAS family has some talented memebers!

Bekah Zeimetz Wildlife Artist

Beautiful original and custom gouache animal paintings

(@bekahzeimetz , love the Rainbow boa, awesome composition for the fox w/ skull, AMAZING details and textures in your work! )

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