anyone know a trick to get invites to work? I generated a link and sent it but he can get on without a verification email. I had issues with this when I joined but I can't remember what solved it.

So with the base that the NA show believing in the Economic hitman it occurred to me that China has developed it to the next level. In a nutshell, If you hoard PPE and you can develop viruses to release onto the world you then ruin countries/economies and then offer the PPE with a Huawei contract for free. This sets them up on the next phase down the road to spy on the everyone thus making them the total economic hitman. The can develop a cheaper version of your R&D at the same time you are.

Do not forget the Podcast Awards Nominations open on July 1st. Please be sure to get your show registered today so that you can participate in the 15th Annual awards.

I see they have an Adam curry people choice award.🧐

Ok the media is lying again. I have notice that the Wendy’s that brooks was killed at is not the same anything buring in news reports.

Pics of the Wendy’s. A stand alone building.

Then a pic of the video of the burning building.


Did @PhoneBoy go for a run and pull a @chris ? Do we need a search party? He did “drop” a podcast on the 15th.

Who posted the silence is consent meme with the 3 pics of celebs with the shirt on and the 4th pick is of bill cosby with a goofy grin on his face

@Johncdvorak Fourth of July gimmic
Got it from a producer on #1250. 1776 backwards = $67.71

So, I tried to think of something witty to say, but I am speechless.

I just noticed the left hand. whatever it is is odd thing to carry.

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ATL police are looking for this person who might have burned down the Wendys. It looks like the same black antifa that has been identified since the Berkley riots.
(back pack in front for ease of access and security)

@adam @Johncdvorak
Georgia has a possible protest bump in the stats. It is also after restaurants opened back up. Bars just opened.

Listening to #1248 and the preacher nascar race prayer is probably the bases for the Ricky Bobby prayer segment at the table.

Before (left)and after (right) toilet paper roll lengths

Just passed a guy driving down the interstate, windows down , mask on. 😂

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