if i knew there were so many whores, i wouldn't have got married.

anyone interested in a Yamaha M3000A mixer


just going to point out: you're able to have this discussion only insofar as fosstodon doesn't censor your political opponents. Part of the reason Roe v. Wade was inevitably going to fail was because of the separation between right and left in your country, because the increasing censorship meant that you no longer saw eye to eye writ large

fosstodon specifically is a pro-censorship instance, so if you're finding this kind of dialogue useful, you should either tell your mods to drop their restrictions on your speech or drop off into another, more free instance

I heard the show and you were talking about if you have a rescue everybody adores you and then I had this meme from Nas.

anyone tracking the ? Festive foods in WI burned on monday.

from reuters, Joey said at the summit,
"Biden, who came into office vowing to reduce U.S. dependence on fossil fuels, said on Friday he was hoping to speed up production, which is expected to hit record highs in the U.S. next year."
how is going to hit record highs when he has stopped drilling leases?

What: NA Meetup in Newnan GA
When: June 12 @ 3pm
Who: Anyone and everyone!!

RSVP Here:


who posted the lisa simpson meme about the gov controls everything about oil but says it doesnt control price?

What happens to all the guns that get taken away at TSA carry on?

this energy problem would be solved with a simple gooble box for everyone.

anyone have joe rogan is not a dr so you should not take medical advice split screen with bill gates pushing vax meme.

@chris have you seen any war footage of chernobyl being taken by russian army? or is is just hospitals and NICUs

RIP Gilbert
he had sex with joan rivers and lived to tell about it in all it splendor.😂

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