So all I need is wagon an 99 smartphones.
This guy was doing art and showing that google is always there. And btw don’t trust technology companies. The traffic jams on the map and he was the only one there.😂

So the PSYCHIC told Bezos and his whore to keep their affair quiet....

I think that Geico Pete Nocchio commercial wrong. what woman wouldn’t want to be in an intimate position screaming “ lie to me again big boy“ 😮

Data creating sculpture with the help of Ai. I could have done just as good.

@adam going off the NA theory that Harry and Megan are the marriage of CIA and MI6. Them leaving their a royal post would be perfect bc they are not under the media lens. The problem of course is the cash flow to travel constantly to do the covert work. Plus they have to pay back 3.1M for their house renovations. I see podcasting in their future.

6 week cycle Possible candidate ?
3 name suspects ✔️
Magic number ✔️
Mental disability TBD
Foiled plot✔️
FBI consultant TBD

@adam @Johncdvorak talking about the Floyds of London a couple of show back. Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason has a ‘62 Ferrari 250 GTO that raced at ‘62 Le mans. When they went out for tour in 88 ish for the momentarily lapse of reason album he put it up for the 30 million collateral for the tour .The bank said they would fail without Waters in the band. He bought it in 1977 for 35,000.

It’s back! the astrophysicist on GMA said the polar vortex was a large bucket of cold air that tips over...(so when you’re in Canada be sure to look toward the sky to see it.) but is just a storm that weakens thus it moves further south. So was the storm annually weaker decades ago.

Nice executive and associate executive producers list! Way to go slaves

Since the story of the Greta taking a break I thought I would watch my favorite Greta video again.

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