Can’t wait for our super convenient drive thru for sars-cov-2 testing and DNA collection!!! WOOT!
Time to short the 23&me stock for their shortsighted vision of having their own drive thru.

So who do you have in March Madness?? NCAA is paid 700M dollars to put that tournament on. Then that is distributed out to schools. So it is to be seen by how much.

Oh hell no, voting her ass out! All the insider information that Congress gets. She already sold 3M after her first Corona 19 hearing....
When Loeffler assumed office she immediately became the wealthiest member of Congress. The Atlanta businesswoman, whose husband is the chairman and CEO of the New York Stock Exchange, is worth an estimated $500 million.

RIP: On this day in 1982 “🎸 Legend” Randy Rhodes

Pence was put in charge of the pandemic obviously to prevent gay people from being treated. 😄

The tornado in Nashville last night sadly killed more in one night in US than the Corona virus and we are getting into the tornado season

is the JRE live to air or live to tape? and if so what time is it live>

So all I need is wagon an 99 smartphones.
This guy was doing art and showing that google is always there. And btw don’t trust technology companies. The traffic jams on the map and he was the only one there.😂

So the PSYCHIC told Bezos and his whore to keep their affair quiet....

I think that Geico Pete Nocchio commercial wrong. what woman wouldn’t want to be in an intimate position screaming “ lie to me again big boy“ 😮

Data creating sculpture with the help of Ai. I could have done just as good.

@adam going off the NA theory that Harry and Megan are the marriage of CIA and MI6. Them leaving their a royal post would be perfect bc they are not under the media lens. The problem of course is the cash flow to travel constantly to do the covert work. Plus they have to pay back 3.1M for their house renovations. I see podcasting in their future.

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