I just spent 2 weeks living almost 100% on solar electricity on my friend’s boat. Quite impressed.

Soon we will finish an upgrade to solar hot water and upgraded storage using salvaged VW EV batteries with 10x power density over the current lead acid. That will allow a 120l per hour water maker.

Then he adds 4 EV outboards to supplement the sails and twin John Deer marine diesels.

@Brianoflondon you'll come pick me up if it all goes to pot won't ya?

The is inevitable

@GWFF I've reserved my bug out place for Waterworld with two weeks of hard labour learning how to do plumbing and caring 50kg outboards along a 40cm wide passerelle and carry half a damn Volkswagen on board.

@Brianoflondon one day schedule a @jitsi meet with @jeremiah once the potential of seavilization is realised the Gitmo NAtion will be the chosen few.

@Brianoflondon I still remember the first time I was on a cat when it went sideways, best experiencing sailing I have ever had. Though, that one is a bit big to get sideways on purpose I guess

@shepard it's an unbelievable boat. 25 tons of aluminum 24m x 12m. It won't go sideways unless something goes very badly wrong!

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