Where can I get decent evidence on Gardasil for boys? It's now being pushed at my kid. HPV

They cannot comprehend how populism is popular without believing insane hoaxes such as Russia tricked people on Facebook to like Trump, or a ghost story of Hitler making Tommy Robinson popular in the UK.


Thanks to @MountainJay for the artwork, used with attribution.

Casey Newton understand's Facebook's value for value business model. This is essential reading on the largely irrelevant (financially) brand boycott.

Facebook's big bucks come from millions of small transactional adverts, not big brand stuff.



Here's my weekend video. Wind noise dies down after not too long.

Talking about Parler, BLM and such.


This is the most succinct and short NoodleBoy clip I could make. I think it captures the essence of NoodleBoy for explaining to others!

BTW we need a term for people who are not No Agenda Producers already...


Its driving me crazy... which animated no agenda clip by @jennifer contains AOC saying "Who here is ready for the revolution". I know it's there somewhere!!!

Are there any producers out there with direct or semi direct connections to Max Keiser or Stacy Herbert?

I'm trying to build up a bit of PR for my - I know we'll hit the big time as soon as we file, but any PR I can get now helps us land the big bucks up front to file the case.

If you don't know about our ask me.

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This is one of the best and most succinct explanations of what Israel is about to do and why it's a good thing.

Avi Bell has done a magnificent job utterly demolishing the hysterical lunatics who completely misrepresent and deliberately misunderstand what Israel is planning to do in a few weeks in Judea Smaraia.


There are some real journalists out there... ones who really know how to work. But they're just screwed by the system.

I've just been called by one to verify quotes in her work. If she manages to publish that it will be amazing.

But oh so explosive.... Now I wait on tenterhooks to see if the story gets spiked.

So Parler is the new hotness on the right... I wonder how long this will last.

Yesterday morning, after seeing Katie Hopkins had an account I WhatsApp'ed her. She had no idea about it and the begging for CashApp money was a bit of a problem.

Parler's people took it down but now she is in control of an account there (with the same name).

Verifying identity on the web is a nightmare.

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