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Sir Brian of London ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ โœ…

A Russian agent, a Muslim, and the head of the CIA go into a bar and the bartender says

"What'll ya have, Mr. Brennan?"

Once again the Podcast app on my iPhone X is failing to remember where I am in the latest show. This is becoming regularly annoying.


Is it worth leaving the " signs out of the name??? @adam

Any Collusion?

Heather Nauert (โ€ช@statedeptspoxโ€ฌ)
26/03/2018, 16:48
On March 4, attempted to murder a British citizen & his daughter w/ military-grade nerve agent on British soil. We stand in unbreakable solidarity w/ . Today, we will expel 60 Russians from its bilat mission & mission to UN, & require Russia to close Seattle consulate.

We had multiple incoming missile warnings and multiple interception launches of Iron Dome about 40 miles south of me. It appears to have been a "glitch".

Pictures show the alerts on my phone and on the TV. In the affected areas they would have had full on sirens

This is the best questioning of what happened.

This is long but I think some will find it useful. My interview with the author of the ONLY book on the UKโ€™s 40+ years of Islamic Jihad rape gangs.

Two interviews so far, this is a YouTube playlist.

I just heard @adam and John discussing the Tesla so I wrote up my experience of using Battery Switching in Israel for a few years.

I hope this is visible to all.

Tree of Logic (tall black conservative woman) lost her Twitter account for ageism. Someone tell JCD.

She called David Duke a racist grandpa.

Gearing up for an interesting afternoon at in London today.

Lutz Bachmann from PEGIDA Germany was also stoped at Stanstead last night, detained for one night and is flying home now. His crime was having a speech in his luggage and intending to read it.

Day before yesterday, just as Theresa May was blocking Brittany Pettibone and other people from coming to the UK to talk to Tommy Robinson, Tommy is invited to the House of Lords for tea and a chat by Lord Pearson of Rannoch.

This is the astonishing Tommy Robinson interview with Lauren Southern after she was ejected from the UK.

I recently had an experience with someone who I spent a few months talking to almost every week only for him to pick up a copy of The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald and seemed to buy into most of its claims about (((the Jews))).

Hereโ€™s the discussion I had with my buddy about this experience.

I made this offer before got no answer:

Would some of the end of show mix people like me to put their work on Tunecore and distributed to Apple Music, Google store, Amazon MP3 etc?

Revenue split with the show or donate all proceeds to the show your choice.

Clinton didnโ€™t want Facebook / Twitter / Google embeds. Because thereโ€™s so much her guys had hidden they couldnโ€™t risk it.