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@_SierraKiloBravo_ yes. The father of the terrorist also made a statement praising the Jihad attack.

There is blood when you stab a 70 year old man and two of his adult children to death in their kitchen while the rest of the family and kids hide.

The guy grinning on the gurney is the terrorist. He was shot by a neighbour who heard screaming and came to see what was going on. He had his IDF weapon.

The two Druze Israeli policemen murdered on Friday were easy targets because they had their backs to the source of the threat.

The were supposed to be defending the Mosque which the terrorists came out from.


@adam well now I’m completely confused and unable to figure out what time of day it is! 😂

He worked for New Israel Fund - NIF. A far left Soros organisation which has on its 990 "freedom FROM religion" as a goal for Israel. I oppose everything this organisation stands for.

Are there any dudes named Ben here with specific experience upgrading Mediawiki with a bunch of extensions?

Got a job to discuss.

@DaDenMan @SpookyR it’s more than the book, it’s the entire genesis of our people, culture, customs and behaviours. All rooted here where I’m sitting.

Islam is built to conquer and rule. If you don’t allow us to push it back and regain our indigenous lands in Israel, they will go on to conquer Europe and America.

@mrmcmayhem @SpookyR I don’t use the term antisemitism because it was invented by a German Jew hater (who Hitler came to admire). It’s a bullshit term. I say Jew hatred. Much clearer and far less tendency to abuse (e.g. when Hungary criticises Soros this is absolutely NOT Jew Hate)

Judaism is indigenous to this land. Jews get to define who Jews are (which is why we do have converts).

What’s more I remember reading the posts of the parents of some of these girls on the original EDL web forums in 2011. Those were hacked and never able to be restored. Pity.

This is a devastating review of the BBC’s documentary “The Betrayed Girls” which showed last week.

The UK hasn’t begun to comprehend the scale of what’s been going on with child rape by Muslim gangs for 25+ years.

Peter tells me he thinks the number of victims is over 300,000 at this point. I agree with him.

@SpookyR I think Jihad is a very powerful force. After their massive defeat in 1967 the Arabs re-grouped and figured out how to invert the conflict. Instead of a few million Jews surrounded by 100’s of millions of Arabs they reframed the conflict as nuclear armed Jews against the newly created “Palestinian people”.

A monumentally brilliant move.

And we Israeli Jews have been completely shit at countering their “narrative” since then.

@SpookyR Yes, we get much more attention than we should.

I see two results of supporting Muslim Arab refusal to accept Jews reclaimed their indigenous lands and reversed Jihad conquest.

1. The west has rewarded their century of terrorism so it has spread. Same thing happened when US supported Jihad vs Russians. This encourages Jihad especially to use terrorism.

2. Islamic supremacists get to repress their people pointing to Palestinians who have it worse.

@SpookyR best not to at this point. Technically this is a public forum even though I don’t suspect it’s watched widely outside our circles.

Meanwhile HELLO to the UK counter terror people who probably watch everything I do online.

I helped someone publish a letter on JihadWatch (where I sometimes write) a few days ago in her real name.

Just got a message that she was woken by the counter terror police at her home in the UK this morning.

This shit is real.

I’ll say this again (thought this is different tech to Iron Dome). I’ve watched more than 5 Iron Dome interceptions personally and heard at least another 5 from inside my bomb shelter.

This shit is very real when you’re under it.

I can vouch for this video ‘cos I filmed and edited it. I messed with the timing a bit to make it harder to figure out where that intercept happened.