The executive team and lead engineers at Shadow Inc, the company reportedly behind the Iowa app, all formerly worked for Hillary For America. Imagine my shock.

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I've got a poll going on over on Twitter, head over and let me know what you think. I'm reliably informed Scott Adams will be periscoping about this later.

My friend shared a picture of what Islamic terrorists did to her with machetes. Twitter wants her to delete it because:

"You may not share excessively graphic media .. severe injuries .. especially if the content is posted with intent to delight in cruelty or for sadistic pleasure."

This is in Hebrew, but the visuals matter more than the text.

Israel's new anti-drone and anti-balloon laser is operational.

I'm quite active on Steem, the best social media system on blockchain.

There's a new community feature coming that is now in open beta. I've created a "Community" there for No Agenda Producers.


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