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Brian of London ✅ @Brianoflondon

This is another great interview covering Mosque building in the UK and the Islamic rape gangs.

Proper boots on the ground report from Catalonia in English.

@drunkunicorn I think there are just more ugly people and the lottery randomly selects them instead of TV producers choosing who gets on TV.

This is Facebook share of a Ha'aretz writer who just wrote a piece trying to "understand" how any Jew could possibly still support Trump. Her Facebook share text is classic and the comments are Universe B

1. Contrary to my assumptions, I learned that it was very easy to find Jews who like Trump - spoke to many, could have quoted twice as many.
2. None regretted their voted for Trump. Not one.

Don't jump in

How long before No Agenda gets booted from PayPal?

If you wanted to see how news was faked back in September 2000 this is brilliant.

I made a video for Paul Joseph Watson about Israel.

Because I'm a Zionist shill.

So called Antifa vs Nazi flag waving lunatics. No winners anywhere near there. Political violence/terrorism is always revolting.

The video in this post is a story I've never told in public before of how one of the biggest news wire services is corrupted at source by a non advertising business model.