camera work on absolutely atrocious. Crap pans and zooms like a 1980s JVC camcorder.

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Next two forgettable. Camera work ok until that bizarre backstage shot of a plastic chair. Empty.

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What a pity @adam not around to comment on the opening of Eurovision with the host changing outfits 5 times in the opening song.

I just spent 2 weeks living almost 100% on solar electricity on my friendโ€™s boat. Quite impressed.

Soon we will finish an upgrade to solar hot water and upgraded storage using salvaged VW EV batteries with 10x power density over the current lead acid. That will allow a 120l per hour water maker.

Then he adds 4 EV outboards to supplement the sails and twin John Deer marine diesels.

Looking for a little French Producer help!

Does anyone know a cheap way to get from Marseille International Airport to Agde in the south of France.... There's a nice fast train but only one and it leaves Marseille at 12:37 and we arrive at 9am.


3 people and it's a 2.5hr drive. A taxi would be crushingly expensive I guess.

Elon should appoint Alan Dershowitz as Chief Legal Counsel for Twitter in charge of Speech.



Tommy Robinson's mail provider cancelled today.


No Agenda could be canceled too if Media Matters or some similar bunch of arseholes decided to whip up a mob.

I can't photograph the thermometer because it flickers but it's reading 37C now at 17:00.

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Btw in the context of the UK I prefer the term Child Sexual Exploitation and in reality this usually ends in forced prostitution and gang rape and in more than a few cases, murder. @adam

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Wow @adam remembered Tommy Robinson. His latest adventures have been quite interesting too.

Grooming as a term has been in play for well over a decade in the UK.

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