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Sir Brian of London ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ โœ…

I'm going to be going live in a YouTube chat with my friend Simon Harris (I've got to get him into No Agenda sometime).

Probably talking about white genocide in South Africa, Obama's portraits, comparative gun control here in Israel and whatever else we think of.

Quite a few misconceptions in
John and @adam take on the Iran Drone vs Israeli air force story and the shooting down of one of our F16I's.

The Iranian drone was shot down near Beit Shean well to the south of the Golan heights (maps in link below). The F16 came down well to the north and well inside Israel.

Public warning alarms sounded all through the North.

This is by far the best take I've seen. Cmdr Dyer is US Naval Intel retired and she's excellent.

Has anyone thought of gathering together the end of show songs and putting them into iTunes and Amazon and all the other commercial music services?

I could do this. Anyone interested? All proceeds split between artists and the show (unless artists want to donate their proceeds to the show too).

Bringing a No Agenda style deconstruction to the UK establishment's persecution of Tommy Robinson.

If your Apple podcast app has the wrong show 1004 repeat instead of 1005, just delete and re-download.

Catastrophe! That was a disapointing commute. I hope everything gets sorted soon. NA1005 is not what it should be!

Here's what Tommy Robinson said to me on WhatsApp about the bit that the BBC cut. The BBC banned him from taking his phone in the studio so he couldn't record his side of the interview.

This is Tommy Robinson's appearance on Newsnight.

In my next message I'll give you a private whatsapp audio message Tommy sent me explaining what they cut out.

This is my breakdown of what the BBC and the rest of the media are trying to do by pinning blame for Darren Osborne's crime (driving a van into Muslims murdering one).

Apparently the Koran is hate speech on Twitter. I'm on the naughty step.

Quoting Koran 9:5 is not a good idea.

If one reads Infowars it would appear treason trial should be starting soon.

I had my now regular chat about Identity, the alt-right and stuff with Simon in Barcelona. We live streamed it this time.

For all you RT fans... They're saying bulk emails from Tommy Robinson's email list (that I know he has no hand in drafting) are "direct messages" from him to a man accused of murdering a Muslim.

: @RT_com is reporting that @TRobinsonNewEra sent 'Direct Twitter Messages' to Darren Osbourne. Then goes on to cite campaign send-outs sent to all Rebel subscribers. Will RT correct this?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The existence of a living Jewish people in a functioning Jewish state threatens the very raison dโ€™รชtre of Islam, which came into being to render Judaism obsolete. For that reason, Arabs and Muslims will never accept Israel as the Jewish State.