About 75 years ago, Herman Göring, testified at the Court in Nürnberg, was asked:

- How did you get the German people to accept all this?

He replied:

- ′′ It was very simple, it has nothing to do with Nazism, it has something to do with Humans. You can do it in a Nazi, socialist, communist regime, in a monarchy and even in a democracy. The only thing that needs to be done to enslave people is to scare them. If you manage to find a way to scare people, you can make them do what you want."

Sir Gene Speaks Special - Interview Daniel, Dude Named Slug - Great primer on Bitcoin and lightning l.curry.com/fpP

@Genen Let's not forget the "Backbone" servers that are the foundation of the internet!

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@Genen I loved the latest show. I would really be interested in your exploration of old tech. I think a explanation of gopher and pre http stuff and old backups such as tape drives. These new kids need a historical spectrum of the internet and general computing. Just my wish brother!😃

Would you knowingly participate in a platform that profits off of child trafficking?

Do you have a twitter account?

Pardon my repetitious questions.


Real heroes. Standing up for their rights and beliefs, and teaching their kids to do the same.

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