wall street bets is making the casino great again 😂

Stop buying from Amazon. Stop using AWS, delete Twitter, Facebag, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. Don't use google. Buy local. Buy directly from manufacturers. Stop giving money to people that hate you in any way you feasibly can.


Regardless of what we see this morning, noon is hour 0

This may be very relevant to all of us soon. Hopefully you're on the right side of the dividing line.

Dept of Defense
Law of War Manual


I think the Algorand crypto has an exciting future, I recommend everyone look into it. Right now it's paying out 6% APY just for holding it. There are no fees to transfer BTC to Algo on coinbase

This PDF was provided by Lin Wood via Telegram

This is the final report on the President's advisory on the 1776 commission. It's a worth a read by everyone.


@cgarison well sounds like everyone is falling in line with the new world order.

I'm not sure the democrats "burning of the reichstag" moment was as vivid as they wanted but the media has done a good job making it sound horrific as to cow the public and branches of military into compliance...

Anyone else feel like we're just watching the petro-dollar collapse in slow motion and the central banks trying to preserve it while the rest of us figure out how the hell we are going to eat if we can't trade gold, silver, or crypto for beef?

Trump's real reason for the Texas visit.

Credit: thedonald

@Borisdpython Temporarily for 30 days? I'd take cash, but long term what you really need is local community.

During a power outage and communication outage what would you rather have...cash, credit cards, or Bitcoin?

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