@Boo_BuryMothman Yeah my dad had a 2 part RCA VCR that could drive that camera. Used to rent one for $25 a weekend to shoot home videos. But you had to carry the recorder box with the battery in one hand (has a flip up handle bar across the front) while you shot with the camera in the other. That other box is a TV tuner / timer / battery charger box you leave at home.

@EMPEROR Just my old ass camcorder from middle school. Had a bunch of fades and transitions built in. I'm a sucker for outdated gear. Still had a lego stop motion film I made loaded into it.


a lot of good videos and photos could still be made from old or cheap stuff

@EMPEROR For sure! I got plans for it. Need to get the RCA to USB/Hdmi box, plan is to maybe livestream a record player or something with it. Maybe, gotta figure out where I can do that without getting DMCA'd.


won't have that problem if you make your own stuff

@EMPEROR Yeah, its slow going. Im a stagehand, not a Dude Named Ben, so the computer side of the show has been slow going. It's on the list, just gotta learn how.

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