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"Please share anything that will help prepare for our meeting."

We are an independent Value for Value podcasting production, meaning no ads or sponsors and fully Freak of Hazard produced. BTS is listed in most major podcast catchers as "Behind The Sch3m3s". We have no official label or party we affiliate with, but fancy ourselves somewhere between conspiracy hypothesizers, punk rock, and aficionados of Esoterica.

Viewer Discretion Is Advised.

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What does your freaky-deaky creepy spooky ghoulish and foolish mutant inner monster sound like?

We're lookin for the most infectious zombie groans, ghoulish howls from spirits long gone, unwanted advances from sparkle vampires in whips and chains, maybe even the sound of Bigfoot slapping alien cheeks!

Leave a Scream-Mail on
Behind The Sch3m3s's
Cr33p Phone!
612-263-SXXY (7999)

It may be played on air to billionz of denizens of the netherworld!

Check with your parents before calling.

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@wjmaggos @Boo_BuryMothman @coldacid
maybe I should adopt your method of learning by strawmanning and insulting people online

@Boo_BuryMothman @lavish @coldacid

everybody who disagrees with you has "spaghetti logic"? of course idiots abound but talk about mountaintops...

6:30 pm eastern - Fun Fact Friday Live!

8:30 pm eaterm - MedusPod episode 17 Premiere! Ft. Gordo from "Those Conspiracy Guys"

@lavish @wjmaggos @Boo_BuryMothman yeah the number one thing you learn is that most people are better off not having opinions ON ANYTHING.


So 49 million about a subject you rarely talked about .01 on content, said you got wrong, apologized for and had not talked about since 2016 is cool. Most of the people suing Jones which include an FBI agent and a first responder were never mentioned by name.
I still wonder how we never saw any security footage of the any of the event when in 1998 we saw lots during Columbine.

@DewsNews @wjmaggos this court case makes my thinking even more conspiratorial with regard to sandy hook
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