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"Please share anything that will help prepare for our meeting."

We are an independent Value for Value podcasting production, meaning no ads or sponsors and fully Freak of Hazard produced. BTS is listed in most major podcast catchers as "Behind The Sch3m3s". We have no official label or party we affiliate with, but fancy ourselves somewhere between conspiracy hypothesizers, punk rock, and aficionados of Esoterica.

Viewer Discretion Is Advised.

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What does your freaky-deaky creepy spooky ghoulish and foolish mutant inner monster sound like?

We're lookin for the most infectious zombie groans, ghoulish howls from spirits long gone, unwanted advances from sparkle vampires in whips and chains, maybe even the sound of Bigfoot slapping alien cheeks!

Leave a Scream-Mail on
Behind The Sch3m3s's
Cr33p Phone!
612-263-SXXY (7999)

It may be played on air to billionz of denizens of the netherworld!

Check with your parents before calling.

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Wow I listened to @ThatLARRYSHOW for the first time, and holy fuck where has it been my whole life?!

@darrenoneill I have a weird request for a song. It’s This is Serious Mum. I can’t tel if it’s live or canned tho

@Boo_BuryMothman I tag them so they can lead me to the nearest Lee Ho Fuchs so I know where to get the closest big plate of beef chow mein.

Wild synchro, Spaz brought up this Ouija board last night nas very next day spotted it in antique store

Prediction. This 1974-1975 Broadway play will never get a tribute or a reprise.

My wife: Why do I want to watch a microphone review?

Me: You'll see.

My wife: It's a crappy cheap mic too.

Me: I know. Just wait.

My wife: Wait for what?

<< See video >>

My wife: That was Bandrew's best video ever!

Me: Told you.

My wife: Can we get that on a loop?

@bandrew this is what legends are made of. If anyone isn't following the Podcastage YouTube channel and subscribed to the Bandrew Says Podcast, you are missing out.

Ready for another rip? Here's the latest from @Laurien and me to you!

Special thanks to our producers:
and all you lovely sat streamers out there!

S01E55: That Holler Over Yonder

It's one for the books tonight as Behind The Sch3m3s...heads to the mountains.

The legendary Spaz (aka Papa-Bury) joins @lavish and myself for an episode exploring all things West Virginia. Mountain Mama. Take Me Home. Country Roads. LOL just kidding, we didn't actually bring this song up. What we did bring however was some good ole fashion dialect, exploring some ancestor slaughterin', Virgin Forests and Secret Bunkers!

We'll see you over at the crick.

This is the craziest fucking thing I've ever read, only because it is definitely real, and definitely implemented. Even if the author were not a high priest in the satanic church, it would be mind blowing.

Everything from chemtrails to hypnosis by EMF to Smith Mundt Act.

PSYOP is what grandpa did. Meet MindWar

@adam this is a must-read

Join @SirSpencer and I for Bowl After Bowl Episode 96 ✨LIVE TONIGHT✨ around 10 PM EST / 9 PM CT after DH Unplugged.

We want to hear about the first time YOU ever called someone by the wrong name.

Call or text:
(816) 607-3663


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