What? Science Denier is evolving!

Doo duh doo duh doo duh doo duh

Science Denier evolved into (Build Back) Better Denier!

Better Denier learned NWO Hoax!

“IATSE sucks the heel of Uncle Joe” Event has been delayed.

Will it be postponed?

Poli-Latin For Many

Ticks-Small Blood Sucking Creatures

Natural World: Uses Order to instill Chaos

NWO: Used Chaos to install Order

Listening to the No Agenda-Verse streams makes chokin this Lizard Shit down just a little more fun.

Bowl After Bowl Stream:

Will COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Be Required By Businesses? Experts Discuss | TODAY


They better make The Child aka Baby Yoda aka Grogu evil in the Mandalorian or I will be disappointed
Evil younglings are the future of Star Wars

Mindless Self Indulgent No Shame Sick Ass Video Promo!'

Behind the SchƎmƎs: Can't Spell The Abnormal w/o NWO


WHAT IS A MEME? A miserable little pile of humour! But enough talk. Have at you!

All this time spent thinking the perfect extension cable didn’t exist


The best part of waking up,
is mindcrime in your cup

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