@BongoFury that's a bit unfair, he was arrested in 2013 lot has changed since then...

how do you not know if he wouldn't have gotten sentenced twenty life sentences instead of just two?

@BongoFury Incomplete information... So what does the website Silk Road promote?
@LostInCalifornia @BongoFury Aha! Illegal drug sales, of course. Which have led to how many deaths? So the comparison with GM is completely valid.

@Clariana @BongoFury Boys have been comparing women’s oppression to Mary-gee-Wanna being illegal 4ever.

I don’t think they can help themselves.

@Mummabear @BongoFury no, it's horseshit persecution because the CIA, FBI, BATF, FRB don't like competitors.

@shill @Mummabear @BongoFury his sentencing was due to his apparent attempts to hire hitmen... lol

@BongoFury he tried to hire a hitman and have around 6 people killed. This dude is a piece of shit and anyone telling you different is lying.

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