@BobbyGears Pretty sure that won't work anymore on most of these HDTV's that don't have headphone jacks anymore.

@Dan_Ramos y u gotta always be such a buzzkill, dan? y not just laff and move on?

@BobbyGears This is a serious social media platform for serious stuff! ;)

@Dan_Ramos @BobbyGears

Some cable TV remotes have a discovery function where you can cycle through all the codes for most major TV brands. They're a little more bulky than that little headphone plug but can do the same job.

Might be a cool Arduino open source project to make a small battery powered one that knows all the Mute codes for all major TVs. Lot's of prank possibilities with it too. For example auto change channel at the right time - to The View then mute/unmute every second. 😂

@georgevaccaro @BobbyGears

I thought there already was such a device on a keychain years ago? Can't remember the name of it but I could have sworn somebody already did that a long time ago.

Sneak a tiny IR transmitter into a USB port constantly sending 'volume down' commands. That or RS-232

@dowodenum That'll teach those hogs on The View to shut their traps.

@BobbyGears @dowodenum In my neighborhood is an excellent fried chicken fast food place with completely non-moving images of menus displayed on generic commercial TVs on walls in the customer area…

One of the TVs' menu file has inexplicable stupid elevator music attached to it, playing quietly. It sounds garbled like it was transmitted over Zoom over 3G. Twice. And then saved to an SD card.

I haven't said anything to them about it, but I did look for a volume control and didn't find one.

I use github.com/42SK/TVKILL
on a phone with an IR blaster, but this turns the whole thing off, not only audio.
Great fun in electronics stores...

@liam I’m literally going to do this. I have at least five defunct headphones sitting around the apartment.

@senisterity @BobbyGears alternatively, once you get an Android, see if your phone has an IR emitter; I have muted televisions in public before with a universal remote app
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